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Diego Marazza

Adjunct professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: FIS/07 Applied Physics

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E. Hodgson,M. E, Ruiz-Molina, D. Marazza, E. Pogrebnyakova, C. Burns, A. Higson, M. Rehberger, M. Hiete, M. Gyalai-Korpos, L. Di Lucia, Y. Noël, J. Woods, J. Gallagher, Horizon scanning the European bio-based economy: a novel approach identification of barriers and key policy interventions from stakeholders in multiple sectors and regions. A number of supporting policy interventions have been put forward at European and national levels to support innovation and development of bio-based products 7 and services. This study asks whether suggested policy interventions reflect the needs of its 8 stakeholders and examines how these needs vary between European regions. This 9 consultation was performed through online survey with 447 experts actively involved in bio-
10 based research, industry and governance across Europe. The majority of responses received were from stakeholders in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom which are
12 examined in greater depth.A cross-longitudinal investigation addressing policy interventions for biobased industry and related stakeholders in European regions
Accepted paper.