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Davide Rossi

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics

Curriculum vitae

Davide Rossi

Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione, Mura Anteo Zamboni 7, 40127, Bologna

Phone: +39 051 2094978

Fax: +39 051 2094510


Career profile

October 2002 - : “Ricercatore” (assistant professor) at the “Università degli Studi di Bologna”.

July 2000 - July 2002: “Assegno di Ricerca” (post-doc position) for the project: “Programmare la rete: un ambiente per applicazioni distribuite interattive e coordinate”.

Novembre 1995 - Ottobre 1999: Dottorando di Ricerca (Ph.D. student) in Informatica (computer science).


“Dottorato di Ricerca” (Ph.D.) in “Informatica” (computer science), consortium of Università di Bologna, Università di Padova and Università di Venezia.

Laurea cum laude in “Scienze dell'Informazione” (information science), Università degli Studi di Bologna.

Research visits

October 1996: Technische Universität Berlin, upon invitation of Robert Tolksdorf.

February 1998 – July 1998: visiting scientist at the Computer Science Department of the Yale University upon invitation of Nicholas Carriero and Martin Schultz.

Professional Duties/Service

Editor of the ACM Applied Computing Review.

Guest editor for the Journal of Web Engineering (Rintron press), Software: Practice and Experience (Wiley) and Science of Computer Programming (Elsevier).

Member of several program committees of international conferences (among them: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC); International Conference on Networking; International Conference on Software Engineering Advances)

Program Chair of the Web Technologies track at the 24°, 25° e 26°, 27°, 28°, 29°, 30°, 31° Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing.

Program Chair of theBusiness Process Modeling and Enterprise Architecture track at the 32° and 33° Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing.

Reviews: European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier); Concurrency & Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley Press); IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

Scientific production impact

By Google Scholar data: h-index 15, 6 papers have 60 or more citations.

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