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Davide Dragone

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/02 Economic Policy

Curriculum vitae

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Associate Professor, Department of Economics, U. Bologna, Italy, 9/2014 – present

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, U. Bologna, Italy, 3/2011 – 9/2014

Post-doc Research Fellow, Department of Economics, U. Bologna, Italy, 9/2006 – 2/2011


Health, Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG, external affiliate), University of York (UK), since 2015

Max Plank Institute for Economics, Strategic Interaction Group, Jena, Germany, 9/2010 – 12/2010


Ph.D. Economics (2006), U. Bologna, Italy, Thesis: Cognitive Effort in Intertemporal Decision-Making

M.A. Economics (2004), U. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

B.A. Economics (2000), with honours, U. Bocconi, Milan, Italy, Thesis: Reciprocity in Economics: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Approaches


2011 Research grant FarmaFactoring Foundation – Associazione Italiana Economia Sanitaria: “Do antismoking policies increase obesity?” P.I. Davide Dragone, €17.500

2010 London Research and Consulting Group prize - 1st LSE Poster Exhibition. Paper: “Thinness and obesity: a model of food consumption, health concerns and social pressure”, presented by L. Savorelli

2010 LSESU visitors’ Prize - 1st LSE Poster Exhibition. Paper: “Thinness and obesity: a model of food consumption, health concerns and social pressure”, presented by L. Savorelli

2004 Marco Polo scholarship for conducting research abroad (visiting student at Institut d’Anàlisi Econòmica, Barcelona)

2002 Full Ph.D. scholarship (3 years) granted by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

2000 Best Graduates of the Year, U. Bocconi


2015 SIR grant RBSI14I7C8 "Experimental and Theoretical analysis of Inequality and Cooperation", P.I. Maria Bigoni

2012 FIRB grant RBFR084L83: “Social norms and intertemporal choice”, P.I. Marco Casari

2010 PRIN 2008/YTNXXZ_002: “Basi neurali delle decisioni economiche in contesti sociali”, P.I. Giuseppe di Pellegrino

2007 PRIN 2007/B8SC7A_002: "Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as extensive governance of the firm", P.I. Giulio Ecchia

2007 PRIN 2007/MCKEYA_003: "Risk and ambiguity: new theories and applications in market and institutions design”, P.I. Giovanni Ponti

2006 University of Bologna research grant (Progetto strategico d'ateneo 2006/2007): "MICRO; microfinance and microcredit”, P.I Luisa Brunori

2005 PRIN 2005/137907: "An experimental perspective on intertemporal choice”, P.I. John D. Hey


Referee for American Economic Journal (Economic Policy), American Economic Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, BE Journal of Economics Analysis and Policy, Contemporary Economic Policy, Dynamic Games and Applications, Economics and Human Biology, Economic Letters, Economic Modeling, Experimental Economics, Health Economics, International Federation of Automatic Control, International Journal of Economic Business, International Journal of Health Economics and Management, International Review of Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Experimental Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Managerial and Decision Economics, Mathematical and Social Science, Mind and Society, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Oxford Economic Papers, Plos One, Theory and Decision


PhD committee member: U.Padova (July 2016, candidates: Figueres, Malaspina, Marin), U.Bologna (June 2014, candidates: Blazquez de Paz, Evci), U.Tor Vergata (July 2012, candidates: Kopinska, Piano Mortari),

Board of the PhD in Economics (Collegio dei Docenti), U. Bologna, since 2013

Board for grants financing undergraduate thesis abroad, U. Bologna, since 2013

Board of the School of Excellence of the U. Bologna (Collegio Superiore), since 2011

Board for admission to the Ph.D. in Economics, U. Bologna, 2012, 2016

Board for undergraduate teaching quality, U. Bologna (Clamm program), 2013, 2014

Board for admission policies to undergraduate programs in economics, U. Bologna, 2014

Member of scientific committee for the “Young Economists Workshop”, Forlì, 2010-2014

Organizer of department seminars, 2014-2016


Paolo Nicola Barbieri (Ph.D in Economics, placement: post-doc U. Gothenburg); Eleonora Brandimarti (U. Bologna’s School of Excellence)

INVITED TALKS (since 2007)

U. Padova (2017), U. Goettingen (2016), Toulouse School of Economics (Toulouse, 2015), Paris School of Economics (Paris, 2014), U. San Andrés (Buenos Aires, 2014), ALISS-INRA (Paris, 2014), Cornell U. (2013), U. Alicante (2012), U. Lausanne (2012), U. Modena and Reggio Emilia (2012), U. East Anglia (Norwich, 2012), U. York (2012), U. Pavia (2011), U. Konstanz (2010), U. Lancaster (2010), European University Institute (Fiesole, 2010), Max Planck Institute (Jena, 2009), Copenhagen Business School (2009), U. Lecce (2007), IZA (Bonn, 2007)


2017 Workshop on Stochastic Optimal Control (Gothenburg, Sweden), 2016 AIES (Bologna, Italy), 2016 ASHEcon (Philadelphia, USA), 2016 EuHEA (Hamburg, DE), 2016 Symposium on Human Capital and Health Behavior (Gothenburg, Sweden), 2016 RES (Brighton, UK), 2015 Asset (Granada, Spain), 2015 IHEA (Milan, Italy), 2015 Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games (Wien, Austria), 2014 IHEA (Dublin, Ireland), 2014 EWHE (Lausanne, Switzerland), SIE 2013 (Bologna, Italy), ECHE 2012 (Zurich, Switzerland), PET 2012 (Taipei, Taiwan), 2012 Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics (Wien, Austria), AIES 2011 annual conference (Naples, Italy), EHEW 2011 (Brescia, Italy), BEELAB 2010 (Florence, Italy), MBEES 2010 (Maastricht, Netherlands), ASSET 2010 (Alicante, Spain), EARIE 2010 (Istanbul, Turkey), 2010 Symposium on Behavioural Economics, Consumer Policy, and Consumer Law (Fiesole, Italy), IFAC CAO 2009 (U. Yväskylä, Finland), SAEe 2009 (Valencia, Spain), Reciprocities: Theory and facts 2007 (Verbania, Italy), ESA 2007 World Meeting (U. Luiss, Italy), IAREP/SABE 2006 (U. Paris 1 and 5, France), FUR 2006 (U. Luiss, Italy)


Winter school on risk, inequality and collective welfare theory, U. Verona, Italy, 10-13/1/2007

Mannheim empirical research summer school, U. Mannheim, Germany, 28/6– 8/7 2005

Toulouse summer institute in economics and psychology, U. Toulouse 1, France, 16-24/6/2005

Institut d’anàlisi econòmica, Barcelona, Spain, visiting student, 7/2004 – 2/2005

Simulation in evolutionary economics, U. Strasbourg 1, France, 1-9/4/2004

Summer institute on bounded rationality in psychology and economics, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany, 24/8– 1/9/2004

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