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Dario Maio

Emeritus Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Curriculum vitae


July 1975     | Electronic Engineering, cum laude, University of Bologna, Italy

1978 – 1981 | Research scholarship, National Council of Research (Bologna)

Academic appointments

1975 – 1980 | Instructor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna

1981 – 1987 | Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna

1987 – 1994 | Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems, University of Bologna

1994 – 2012 ! Full Professor, Faculty of Science, Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems, University of Bologna

2012 – 2021 | Full Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Nov. 2021 – Apr.  2023 | Alma Mater Professor

Apr. 2023 - today | Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Professor, Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems, University of Bologna

Service positions at University of Bologna

1996 – 2001 | Executive Director and Chair, Financial Management Center, Cesena Campus, University of Bologna

2001 – 2007 | President of the Cesena Campus, University of Bologna


Dario Maio has been Full Professor of Information Processing Systems since 1994 at the University of Bologna, Italy. He has been a faculty member in Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems (DEIS) until 2012 and then in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) until retirement on November 1, 2021.

His teaching activity concentrated in the area of information processing systems. He has taught numerous courses such as Fundamentals of Informatics, Numerical Programming, Information Systems, Information Systems Engineering, Databases, Biometric Systems, Smart City, and Mobile Technologies.

Prof. Maio has been a member of the Faculty Board of the PhD programs in Electronics and Computer Science (1994 – 2002), Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunications (2003 - 2012), and Computer Science and Engineering (2012 - 2021).

He has devoted his research work to various aspects of Computer Science including distributed computer systems, computer performance evaluation, database design, information systems, neural networks, autonomous agents, artificial vision, and biometric systems.

He is coauthor of about 200 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and books, and has collaborated with several research institutions and industries worldwide. A selected list of his publications in different research areas is available at Prof. Maio’s Unibo web page . Please refer to bibliometric indicators from Google Scholar profile.

His recent research interests are mainly directed towards the areas of biometric systems, artificial vision and ICT innovation for smart cities.

He has led as Principal Investigator or collaborated as Co-Investigator in numerous research projects funded by the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.), the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), and the European Union.

Since 1994, Prof. Maio has been founder and co-Director with Prof. Davide Maltoni of Biometric Systems Laboratory (BioLab). Biolab is internationally known for its research and publications in the field as reported in its web page.

Prof. Maio is coauthor of the Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition (Springer 2003, Springer 2009, Springer 2022), which has received the PSP award from the Association of American Publishers. He is also co-editor of the book entitled Biometric Systems, Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation (Springer 2005).

Prof. Maio is the coordinator of Smart City Lab, a research laboratory founded in 2012 that offers skills and resources in the ICT sector with particular attention to advanced sensor technologies and mobile devices, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing platforms.

Prof. Maio has been a consultant in several sponsored project contractual agreements between the University of Bologna and public and private corporations. He has participated in several steering committees of public bodies for the analysis, design, evaluation, and quality certification of information systems. He has also collaborated as a consultant in projects aimed at using biometric technologies in e-government, as well as in Electronic Passport and Electronic Identity Card projects.

Prof. Maio is co-inventor of two patents in fingerprint aliveness detection and one patent for fingerprint minutiae coding and matching. He is co-inventor of a patent for counting vehicle transits in a stretch of road with at least one lane, as well as of a patent for the inspection and/or the maintenance of an electrical panel by means of augmented reality. In addition, he is co-inventor of a patent for disposable syringe with automatic needle protection after its use.

Prof. Maio has extensively served as a referee for several international journals. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (T-BIOM). He is a member of ACM, IAPR, IEEE (Life member), CVPL. He is also a member of the Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Computer Society.

From December 2017 to December 2021 Prof. Maio has been President of the startup incubator Cesenalab . From July 2021 he has been serving as President of the Board of Ser.In.Ar, a publicly controlled company that aims at promoting, supporting, and accrediting educational programs and other initiatives that the University of Bologna would intend to carry out in the Campus of Cesena and Forlì.


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