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Daniele Vicoli

Associate Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/16 Criminal Procedure

Curriculum vitae

Associated Professor in Criminal Procedure, University of Bologna, School of Law - Department of Legal Studies.

After the degree cum laude at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bologna (thesis on “The Preliminary Stage and the Decision to Prosecute in the English System”), in 2002 he achieved the PhD in Criminal Procedure at the University of Bologna. In the aftermath he worked as assistant professor in the same University.

His main research interests include: the guidelines governing the decision to prosecute; the expert evidence; the speedy trial principle with specific regard to the time limits of investigations; the appeal of the public prosecutor against the acquittal; the sentencing system.

He took part in numerous research projects, both at national and international level:

- “The Speedy Trial Principle. Guarantees and Efficiency of the Criminal Trial” (PRIN 2003);

- “Testimonial Evidence in a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Mutual Recognition and Harmonization Scenarios” (PRIN 2005);

- “Rethinking European Criminal Justice. A Principled and Practice-based Approach to develop Concepts for a European Criminal Justice System” - Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (2006);

- “Legal Remedies in Criminal Procedure through the Prism of Due Process Clause” (PRIN 2007);

- “Study on detention in the EU” - University of Ghent, Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (2010);

- “Sistema Procesal Penal y métodos alternativos deresolución de conflictos: Análisis critico y propuestas ante la reforma del proceso penal en el Espacio judicial europeo” - University of Salamanca (2012).

He delivers a module on the procedural aspects related to the liability of corporations within the Master “Diritto penale dell’impresa e dell’economia”, University of Bologna, School of Law - Department of Legal Studies.

He has been a member of the “Stati generali dell’esecuzione penale” (Committee on sentencing system) established in 2015 by the Italian Minister of Justice.

He is a member of the “Osservatorio sulle impugnazioni” (Committee for the monitoring of appeals) constituted at the “Unione delle Camere Penali Italiane”.

He is the author of several journal articles, book chapters and essays in the field of Criminal Procedure. He is co-author of an handbook on the sentencing system.

He has lectured by invitation in many conferences and seminars.