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"Construction History" exam

For students who attended classes
Students have to present the results of their group work. They have to demonstrate accurate theoretical preparation on the topic of porticoes and show in-depth knowledge of the area being analyzed. All group members will have to present part of the work.
Please remember that group works must be reviewed before the exam, with one (or more) online reviews.

Students who did not attend classes
Students will be required to have in-depth theoretical preparation on every aspect covered during the classes and above all to carefully study the books indicated in the course programme. Studying only the notes and slides will not be permitted. For clarity, the required books and chapters are summarized here:

  •  P. Roca, P. B. Lourenço, A. Gaetani, Historic Construction and Conservation. Materials, Systems and Damage, Routledge, 2019. (chapters 3, 4)
  •  F. Ceccarelli, D. Pascale Guidotti Magnani, The Bolognese Portico. Architecture, History, and the City, Bologna University Press, 2022. (the entire volume)

For any request, contact the professor via email:

Pubblicato il: 09 dicembre 2023