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Daniela Iorio

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics


Keywords: political economy, health economics

Political Economy

  • A. Cintolesi, D. Iorio, A. Mattozzi “The Good Old Spendthrift. The Fiscal Effects of Political Tenure”, mimeo 2017
  • A. Gandhi, D. Iorio, C. Urban “Negative Advertising and Political Competition”, Journal of Law Economics and Organization, 2016, Vol 32(3).

Winner of the sixth Oliver E. Williamson Prize for Best Article in JLEO

Press reactions: LSE US Centre Coverage, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, Northwest Herald, Hartford Courant.

  • D. Iorio “Electoral Uncertainty and the Stability of Coalition Governments”, mimeo

Health Economics

  • Ham J., D. Iorio, and M. Sovinski "Health Outcomes, Personality Traits, and Eating Disorders", 2020, Economic Policy, accepted.
  • T. Arduini. D. Iorio, E. Patacchini "Weight, Reference Points and the Onset of Eating Disorders", 2019, Journal of Health Economics, Vol.65.
  • F. Groes, M.Y. Leung, D. Iorio, R. Santaeulalia-LLopis “Educational Disparities in the Battle Against Infertility: Evidence from IVF Success”, EUI WP ECO 2017/05
  • D. Iorio, R. Santaeulalia-Llopis “Education, HIV Status and Risky Sexual Behavior: How Much Does the Stage of the HIV Epidemic Matter?”, EUI WP ECO 2016/09.
  • J. Ham, D. Iorio, M. Sovinsky “Personality Traits and Bulimia Nervosa”, EUI WP ECO 2016/14.
  • J. Ham, D. Iorio, M. Sovinsky “Disparities in Bulimia Nervosa: Who is left behind?”, Economics Letters, 2015, 136, pp. 147 - 150

Press Reactions: Chicago-Sun TimesGuardian; Science Update (radio feature for Science); PBS, Tavis Smiley; Washington Post, The Root; Teen Vogue.

  • J. C. Ham, D. Iorio, M. Sovinsky “Caught in the Bulimic Trap?: Persistence and State Dependence of Bulimia Among Young Women”, Journal of Human Resources, 2013, 48, pp. 736 - 767
  • D. Iorio, M. Sovinsky “How Bulimia Nervosa Relates to Addictive Behavior”, University of Zurich WP ECO no. 95, 2012.


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