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Damiano Genovese

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Cingolani, Matteo; Rampazzo, Enrico; Zaccheroni, Nelsi; Genovese, Damiano; Prodi, Luca, Fluorogenic hyaluronan nanogels for detection of micro- and nanoplastics in water, «ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE», 2022, 9, pp. 582 - 588 [Scientific article]

Caponetti V.; Mavridi-printezi Alexandra.; Cingolani M.; Rampazzo E.; Genovese D.; Prodi L.; Fabbri D.; Montalti M., A selective ratiometric fluorescent probe for no‐wash detection of PVC microplastic, «POLYMERS», 2021, 13, pp. 1588 - 1602 [Scientific article]

De La Encarnacion Bermudez, Cristina; Haddadi, Elahe; Rampazzo, Enrico; Petrizza, Luca; Prodi, Luca; Genovese, Damiano, Core–Shell Pluronic-Organosilica Nanoparticles with Controlled Polarity and Oxygen Permeability, «LANGMUIR», 2021, 37, pp. 4802 - 4809 [Scientific article]

Brilloni, Alessandro; Poli, Federico; Spina, Giovanni Emanuele; Genovese, Damiano; Pagnotta, Giorgia; Soavi, Francesca, Improving the Electrical Percolating Network of Carbonaceous Slurries by Superconcentrated Electrolytes: An Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2021, 13, pp. 13872 - 13882 [Scientific article]

Genovese, Damiano; Baschieri, Andrea; Vona, Danilo; Baboi, Ruxandra Elena; Mollica, Fabio; Prodi, Luca; Amorati, Riccardo; Zaccheroni, Nelsi, Nitroxides as Building Blocks for Nanoantioxidants, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2021, 13, pp. 31996 - 32004 [Scientific article]

Capolungo C.; Genovese D.; Montalti M.; Rampazzo E.; Zaccheroni N.; Prodi L., Photoluminescence-Based Techniques for the Detection of Micro- and Nanoplastics, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2021, 27, pp. 17529 - 17541 [Scientific article]

Cingolani, Matteo; Mummolo, Liviana; Lugli, Francesca; Zaffagnini, Mirko; Genovese, Damiano, Protein aggregation detection with fluorescent macromolecular and nanostructured probes: challenges and opportunities, «NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY», 2021, 45, pp. 14259 - 14268 [Scientific article]

Genovese, Damiano; Cingolani, Matteo; Rampazzo, Enrico; Prodi, Luca; Zaccheroni, Nelsi, Static quenching upon adduct formation: a treatment without shortcuts and approximations, «CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS», 2021, 50, pp. 8414 - 8427 [Scientific article]

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Palomba F.; Rampazzo E.; Zaccheroni N.; Malferrari M.; Rapino S.; Greco V.; Satriano C.; Genovese D.; Prodi L., Specific, Surface-Driven, and High-Affinity Interactions of Fluorescent Hyaluronan with PEGylated Nanomaterials, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2020, 12, pp. 6806 - 6813 [Scientific article]

Di Giosia, M; Genovese, D; Cantelli, A; Cingolani, M; Rampazzo, E; Strever, G; Tavoni, M; Zaccheroni, N; Calvaresi, M; Prodi, L, Synthesis and characterization of a reconstituted myoglobin-chlorin e6 adduct for theranostic applications, «JOURNAL OF PORPHYRINS AND PHTHALOCYANINES», 2020, 24, pp. 887 - 893 [Scientific article]

Genovese D.; Petrizza L.; Prodi L.; Rampazzo E.; De Sanctis F.; Spinelli A.E.; Boschi F.; Zaccheroni N., Tandem Dye-Doped Nanoparticles for NIR Imaging via Cerenkov Resonance Energy Transfer, «FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY», 2020, 8, Article number: 71 , pp. 71 - 77 [Scientific article]

Caroleo F.; Nardis S.; Petrella G.; Bischetti M.; Cicero D.O.; Genovese D.; Mummolo L.; Prodi L.; Randazzo R.; D'Urso A.; Paolesse R., 5,10,15-Tris(4-sulfonatophenyl)corrole Synthesis, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2019, 2019, pp. 6525 - 6533 [Scientific article]

Zaffagnini M.; Marchand C.H.; Malferrari M.; Murail S.; Bonacchi S.; Genovese D.; Montalti M.; Venturoli G.; Falini G.; Baaden M.; Lemaire S.D.; Fermani S.; Trost P., Glutathionylation primes soluble glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase for late collapse into insoluble aggregates, «PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA», 2019, 116, pp. 26057 - 26065 [Scientific article]

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