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Damiano Genovese

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Palomba F.; Genovese D.; Rampazzo E.; Zaccheroni N.; Prodi L.; Morbidelli L., PluS Nanoparticles Loaded with Sorafenib: Synthetic Approach and Their Effects on Endothelial Cells, «ACS OMEGA», 2019, 4, pp. 13962 - 13971 [Scientific article]

Caroleo F.; Nardis S.; Petrella G.; Bischetti M.; Cicero D.O.; Genovese D.; Mummolo L.; Prodi L.; Randazzo R.; D'Urso A.; Paolesse R., 5,10,15-Tris(4-sulfonatophenyl)corrole Synthesis, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2019, 2019, pp. 6525 - 6533 [Scientific article]

Rampazzo, Enrico; Bonacchi, Sara; Juris, Riccardo; Genovese, Damiano; Prodi, Luca; Zaccheroni, Nelsi; Montalti, Marco*, Dual-Mode, Anisotropy-Encoded, Ratiometric Fluorescent Nanosensors: Towards Multiplexed Detection, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2018, 24, Article number: WOS:000450258500005 , pp. 16743 - 16746 [Scientific article]

Valenti, Giovanni; Rampazzo, Enrico; Kesarkar, Sagar; Genovese, Damiano; Fiorani, Andrea; Zanut, Alessandra; Palomba, Francesco; Marcaccio, Massimo; Paolucci, Francesco; Prodi, Luca, Electrogenerated chemiluminescence from metal complexes-based nanoparticles for highly sensitive sensors applications, «COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS», 2018, 367, pp. 65 - 81 [Scientific article]Open Access

Raisch, Maximilian; Genovese, Damiano; Zaccheroni, Nelsi; Schmidt, Simon B.; Focarete, Maria Letizia; Sommer, Michael; Gualandi, Chiara*, Highly Sensitive, Anisotropic, and Reversible Stress/Strain-Sensors from Mechanochromic Nanofiber Composites, «ADVANCED MATERIALS», 2018, 30, Article number: 1802813 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Savoldelli, A.; Nardis, S.*; Genovese, D.; Prodi, L.; Fronczek, F.R.; Smith, K.M.; Paolesse, R., Moving corrole towards a red-record: Synthesis of β-acrolein Ga and Cu corroles using the Vilsmeier reaction, «NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY», 2018, 42, pp. 8200 - 8206 [Scientific article]

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Naitana, Mario L.; Nardis, Sara; Pomarico, Giuseppe; Raggio, Michele; Caroleo, Fabrizio; Cicero, Daniel O.; Lentini, Sara; Prodi, Luca; Genovese, Damiano; Mitta, Saisameera; Sgarlata, Anna; Fanfoni, Massimo; Persichetti, Luca; Paolesse, Roberto, A Highly Emissive Water-Soluble Phosphorus Corrole, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2017, 23, pp. 905 - 916 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Genovese, Damiano; Rampazzo, Enrico; Zaccheroni, Nelsi; Montalti, Marco; Prodi, Luca, Collective Properties Extend Resistance to Photobleaching of Highly Doped PluS NPs, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2017, 2017, pp. 5094 - 5097 [Scientific article]

Montalti, M.; Zhang, G.; Genovese, D.; Morales, J.; Kellermeier, M.; Garciá-Ruiz, J.M, Local pH oscillations witness autocatalytic self-organization of biomorphic nanostructures, «NATURE COMMUNICATIONS», 2017, 8, Article number: 14427 , pp. 14427 - 14427 [Scientific article]Open Access

Francesca, Messaggi; Ruggeri, Irene; Genovese, Damiano; Zaccheroni, Nelsi; Arbizzani, Catia; Soavi, Francesca, Oxygen Redox Reaction in Lithium-based Electrolytes: from Salt-in-Solvent to Solvent-in-Salt, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2017, 245, pp. 296 - 302 [Scientific article]Open Access

Petrizza, Luca; Genovese, Damiano; Valenti, Giovanni; Iurlo, Matteo; Fiorani, Andrea; Paolucci, Francesco; Rapino, Stefania; Marcaccio, Massimo, Electrochemical and Surface Characterization of Dense Monolayers Grafted on ITO and Si/SiO2 Surfaces via Tetra (tert‐Butoxy) Tin Linker, «ELECTROANALYSIS», 2016, 28, pp. 2777 - 2784 [Scientific article]

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