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Cristina Bernini

Full Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: SECS-S/03 Economic Statistics


Keywords: policy evaluation Satisfaction, quality of life and well-being Tourism and convention industry Productivity and efficiency Consumption and life cycle Regional studies Big Data Analytics

CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS: Life-cycle models; Great Recession effects; Consumption and Inequality; Consumption, Standard of living and Well-being; Category and Tourism expenditure analysis.

PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY: Quantile estimators; Frontier and Metafrontier models; Spatial effects; TFP decomposition; Empirical analysis of tourism, manufacturing and banking system.

POLICY EVALUATION: MDID and RDD estimators; Two-step estimators; Continuous treatment; Spatial effects; Economic impact of regional policies (L.488 in industry and tourism).

REGIONAL STUDIES: Cluster model; Smart City; Amenities and place-based attributes; Analysis of metropolitan areas, tourism destinations and administrative areas.

SATISFACTION, QUALITY OF LIFE AND WELL-BEING: Subjective well-being measures; Dea-like with common weights models; Lisrel models; Empirical analysis of transport and tourism sectors, tourism destinations, regions and administrative areas.

BIG DATA ANALYTICS: Statistical modelling; Web reputation, Text mining; Statistical analysis of web image.