Foto del docente

Cristiana Facchini

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-STO/07 History of Christianity and of Churches

Curriculum vitae


1997-2000 PhD in Jewish Studies (Ebraistica) at the University of Turin.

Chair of the Doctoral School: Prof. Bruno Chiesa. Supervisor: Prof. Giulio Busi

1996-1997 MA Diploma in Graduate Programme in Jewish Studies at the Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford.

1994-1995 Laurea (MA degree) cum laude in History of Christianity at the Faculty of Political Sciences (University of Bologna).


Academic career

& affiliations

2014– current Fellow of Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt (Germany)

2013–current Scientific advisor of CeSR, Centre for Religious Studies, University of Bologna

2011–2014 Head of the Master Program in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnography, University of Bologna

2010–2013 Director of CISEC (Interdepartmental Centre for Religious Studies), University of Bologna

2009–current Tenured Associate Professor of History of Christianity at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Bologna

2006–2009 Associate Professor of History of Christianity at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Bologna.

2005-2006 Adjunct Professor of Modern History, Department of History, University of Bologna

2004-2005 Adjunct Professor of Hebrew, Faculty of Humanities, University of Bologna

2001-2005 Research Fellow, Department of History, University of Bologna

2000-2006 Research Assistant of History of Christianity and Jewish Studies, University of Bologna




(University of


2014-2015 History of Western Christianity

Currently on sabbatical leave

2011-2014 180 hours

Theories of Religions

Jewish Culture

History of Western Christianity (advanced)

2010-2011 240 hours

Theories of Religions


Modern Jewish History (advanced)

Jewish Culture

2009—2010 180 hours

Theories of Religions


Modern Jewish History (advanced)

2006—2009 180 hours

Theories of Religions


Modern Jewish History (advanced)

2005-2006 30 hours

Modern History

2004-2005 30 hours

Biblical Hebrew




2014-2015 Jesus and cinema

Since 2006 Theories of Religions 1 Reading the classics – Tylor, Roberston Smith, Durkheim, Freud, William James, Max Weber

Since 2006 Theories of Religions 2 Modernity and religious responses (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism)

Since 2011 Jewish culture 1 Elementary Biblical Hebrew

Jewish culture 2 History of Judaism from biblical times to contemporary world)

Jewish culture 2 History of Judaism in the Renaissance

Jewish culture 2 History of Judaism from the Haskalah to Modern times

Since 2011 History of Western Christianity 1 The rise of the modern world from the Reformation to Secularization. Reading of texts such as Pico della Mirandola, Galilei, Luther, Calvin, )

History of Western Christianity 1 The rise of religious tolerance (from the early modern period to the modern world)

History of Western Christianity 2 Christianity and the Age of exploration

History of Western Christianity 1 and 2 Jews and Christian from the Ancient times to Nostra Aetate (Jewish-Christian Relations)

2006-2011 Hebrew 1 Introductory Biblical Hebrew

Hebrew 2 History of Judaism (Orientalism and the Jews)

Hebrew 2 (The dynamics of spirit possessions in Judaism)

Hebrew 2 (Women in the Bible)

Hebrew 1 and 2 Biblical Hebrew

Modern Jewish History 1 and 2 (Advanced) The cities of the Jews in the Diaspora from the early modern period to Modern Times

2010-2011 Jewish culture 1 and 2 (Women in the Bible)

2005-2006 Modern History 1 Nationalism and Religion

2004-2005 Hebrew Introductory Course of Biblical Hebrew





of Bologna)

2012-2014 Member of the Teaching Committee of the Department of History, Culture and Civilization

2012-2014 Member of the Committee of the School of Letters and Cultural Heritage

2011-2014 Coordinator of the Master Programme in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology

2011-current Responsible for 7 Erasmus exchange programs Between the University of Bologna and Paris (Inalco), Salzburg (Universität Salzburg), Madrid (Complutense), Marsiglia (Université de Provence – Aix-Marseille I), Salonicco (Aristotle University of Tessaloniki, Istanbul (Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi), Halle (Martin-Luther-Universitaet, Halle-Wittenberg)

2010-2014 Director Cisec, Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienze delle Religioni, University of Bologna




2015-current Member of the scientific board of the Doctoral School in Jewish Studies (University of Bologna)

2013–2015 Member of the scientific board of the Doctoral School in History, Culture and Civilizations, University of Bologna

2011–2013 Member of the scientific board of the Doctoral School in History and chief coordinator for the curriculum in Sciences of Religions (University of Bologna)

2006-2011 Member of the scientific board of the PhD programme in Religious Studies (History, Anthropology, and Social Sciences) (University of Bologna)




2016 Member of the doctoral committee of Luca Benotti, A Critical Edition of Sefer Yosef ha-Meqanne', with an Introduction, a Translation and a Commentary. Tutor: Piero Capelli. Doctoral Committee: C. Facchini, Anna Maria Repetti, Simon Levis Sullam (September 6, 2016). Doctoral school in Lingue e Civilta' dell’Asia e dell’Africa Mediterranea, University of Venice.

2016 Member of the doctoral committee of of Elisa Farinacci, Beyond a Technology of Security and Segregation: An Ethnographic Study on the Impact of the Isreaeli-Palestinian Wall on the Christian Communities of Bethlehem and Beit Jala. Doctoral committee: C. Facchini, S. Botta, Nurit Stadler, Nimrod Luz (June 3, 2016). Doctoral school in History, Bologna; joint degree University of Bologna and Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2014 Member of the doctoral committee of Viviana Silvia Piciulo, I gesuiti americani espulsi in Italia e Joaquin Camano (1767-1814). Doctoral committee: C. Facchini, A. Fabre, A. Romano, F. Motta (September 15, 2014). Doctoral School in History, Bologna; joint degree with Ecole pratique des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, Paris.

2013 Member of the doctoral committee of Gongqing Wu, Il destino del Contra Celsum in Europa ('400-'700). Tutor: Alberto Melloni. Dissertation committee C. Facchini, A. Melloni, M. Rizzi. Doctoral School in History (University Bologna).

2010 Member of the doctoral committee of Marco Tavoloni, Regolamentazione dello status della discendenza nella Mishnah e nella Tosefta: studio sull'unità del testo. Dissertation committee: Facchini, G. Veltri e C. Martone (April 12, 2010). Doctoral School Religious Studies (University Bologna).

2006 Member of the doctoral commission of Rocco Bernasconi, Amei ha-'aretz e kutim nel discorso della Mishnah e della Tosefta: tra inclusione e marginalizzazione. Tutor: Mauro Pesce, co-tutor Simon C. Mimouni 2006. Doctoral committee: M. Pesce, S. Mimouni, C. Facchini. Doctoral School Religious Studies (University Bologna).


 Grants &


2015-2016 Fellow – Max Weber Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, Erfurt

2014-2015 Fellow – Max Weber Kolleg, für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, Erfurt

2013-2014 Associate of the Sub-Faculty of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford

2013-2014 Dorset Fellow OSAJS (Oxford Seminars in Advanced Jewish Studies) - The Reception of Josephus in Early Modern Europe, Oxford

2012-2013 Visiting Professor–BiBoG - Deutsch-Italienisches Studienprogramm Geschichte, Bielefeld, Germany.

2005-2006 Bernard and Audre Rapoport Fellowship (Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives) – Cincinnati (US)

2005-2006 Marco Polo Research Fellowship (Università di Bologna) – Tel Aviv University (declined)

2002-2003 Marco Polo Research Fellowship (Università di Bologna) at Inalco, Paris (January-June).

2001-2005 4-years post-doctoral fellowship in Jewish History at the University of Bologna (Dep. of History). Research project: “History of Judaism from 17th to 20th centuries”.

2000-2001 6 months scholarship granted by Cisec – Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienze delle Religioni, University of Bologna.

1998-1999 Research Period in Jerusalem (3 months). Hebrew courses and research at the Institute of Microfilm, Jewish National Library, Jerusalem

1997-1998 Research period in Budapest. David Kaufmann Collection, Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

1996-1997 Research Period in Jerusalem. Hebrew courses and research

1997-2000 3-years PhD scholarship, awarded by the University of Turin, Ebraistica (Jewish Studies).

1996-1997 Europeum Clore Foundation Scholarship.Diploma programme at the Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford.

1996 (Summer) Research Period in Jerusalem

1995 (Summer) Research Period in Jerusalem

1995-1996: Graduate Student Fellowship awarded by University of Bologna.

1-year scholarship for graduate students abroad (Jerusalem)

1991-1992 Erasmus student scholarship (6 months). Aarhus Universitet, Denmark

1985-1986 AFS exchange student, Seattle USA (Decatur High School)


Editorial Boards

& Scholarly


2009–current Co-editor of Quest – Issues in Contemporary Jewish History, online Journal

2009–current Co-editor of Annali di storia dell’esegesi

20005–current Member of the Editorial Board of Storicamente (online journal of the Department of History of the University of Bologna)

2001–2009 Member of the Editorial Board of Annali di storia dell’esegesi (International Journal devoted to the History of Religions)





2014-current Member of the Scientific Board of CISSR (Centro italiano di studi superiori sulle religioni), Bertinoro, Italy

2014-current Member of the Scientific Board of the Foudation of MEIS, Museo dell’ebraismo italiano e della Shoah (Foundation of the Museum of Italian Judaism and Holocaust)

2011-current Member of the Scientific Board of CDEC, Centro di Documentazione dell’ebraismo contemporaneo, Milan

2010-2014 Director CISEC, Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienze delle Religioni, University of Bologna

2006-2010 Member of the scientific board of CISEC, Centro Interdipartimentale di Scienze delle Religioni, University of Bologna

1999-current Member of the Scientific Board of CISSR (Centro italiano di studi superiori sulle religioni)

1999-current Founding member of CISSR (Centro italiano di studi superiori sulle religioni)



& National



2014-2019 Responsible for the 5-years term agreement between the Max Weber Kolleg (University of Erfurt) and the University of Bologna

2015-current Member of the research group on Jewish skepticism directed by Giuseppe Veltri (University of Hamburg). Financed by DFG

2015–2016 Religious Individualisation in Historical perspective, directed by Jorg Ruepke and Martin Mulsow (financed by DFG), Max Weber Kolleg, Erfurt

2014–2015 Religious Individualisation in Historical perspective directed by Jorg Ruepke and Martin Mulsow (financed by DFG), Max Weber Kolleg, Erfurt

2014–2017 Les dissidences religieuses en Europe à l’époque moderne : des constructions en mouvement (liens, languages, objets) - Religiöser Dissens im frühneuzeitlichen Europa: Konstruktionen in Bewegung (Bindungen, Sprachen, Objekte) - I dissensi religiosi nell’Europa moderna: costruzioni in movimento (legami, linguaggi, oggetti) – Project funded by Villa Vigoni

2014-2017 Annual Conference on Christian Origins, International Conference and Workshop organized by CISSR, Centro di Studi Superiori sulle Religioni (Advanced Centre for the Study of Religion), Bertinoro (Italy)

2013-2014 The Reception of Josephus in Early Modern Europe (Oxford Seminars in Advanced Jewish Studies), Oxford and Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (ERC funded Project)

Since 2013 Member of Emodir – International Research Group in Early Modern Dissent and Radicalism

2010-2012 PRIN Research Project of National Interest - “Creazione e trasformazione di modelli comunitari nel cristianesimo antico dei primi tre secoli” (Formation and Transformation of community models in early Christianity) Chief director: Giovanni Filoramo (University of Turin)

2008-2010 PRIN Research Project of National Interest “Forme e strutture comunitarie del cristianesimo I-IX secolo, fino alle soglie della formazione dell’Europa (Chief Coordinator: Mauro Pesce, University of Bologna)

2006-2008 PRIN Research Project of National Interest “Cristianesimo e mondo mediterraneo: pluralismo religioso, convivenze e conflitti tra città e periferie (I-XI secolo)” (Christianity and the Mediterrean: religious pluralism, encounters and conflicts) (Chief Coordinator: Mauro Pesce, University of Bologna)

2004-2006 PRIN Research Project of National Interest “La trasformazione del cristianesimo dal I al VII secolo: mutamenti e continuità nelle forme di convivenza comunitaria, politica e culturale” (The transformation of Christianity between the 1st and 7th century). Chief coordinator: Mauro Pesce, University of Bologna)

2002-2004 PRIN Research Project of National Interest “Conflitto religioso e identità cristiana” (Religious conflict and Christian identity) Chief coordinator: Mauro Pesce, University of Bologna)

2000-2002 PRIN Research Project of National Interest “Il sacrificio nell’esegesi giudaica e cristiana antica”, Chief coordinator: Manlio Simonetti, University La Sapienza, Rome





2004-2005 Advisor for History of Religions for the European E-learning Project (University of Bologna).

200-2001 Collaboration with the website Accettare la diversità: un manuale interattivo in progress, edited by Umberto Eco, Furio Colombo, Jacques Le Goff. Cfr. sito:

1997-1998 Collaboration with MEB (Jewish Museum in Bologna). Composition of 150 entries for the CD-Rom The Hebrew Bible.

1997-1998 Collaboration with Istituto regionale per la storia della resistenza Ferruccio Parri. Research project on the implementation of the Racial Laws in Emilia Romagna.

1996-1998 Collaboration with Musei Civici of Trieste. Organization of the exhibition Famiglie ebraiche a Trieste tra 1814 e 1914 (Jewish Families in Triest from 1814 to 1914.







2017 Vienna

14-15 November International Workshop: “...Is There Anything New under the Sun in Polemics?” Change and Continuity in Jewish–Christian polemics from Late Antiquity to Modernity

2017 Leuven

18-21 September EASR European Association for the Study of Religion

Panel with J. Ruepke, A. Sun, and E. Urciuoli Religious communication and the city

Paper: Religious diversity and cities in the early modern period

2017 Eisenach

27-30 June International Conference: Religious Individualization in Historical Perspective: Types and Concepts

2017 Oxford

March 12-14 International Conference: Jews, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism: the Dialectic of Inclusion (1780-1950) International Conference organized by Oxford Seminar in Advance Jewish Studies

Paper: Luigi Luzzatti and the theory of religious tolerance

2017 Washington DC

21 February The Library of Congress

Presentation: Luigi Luzzatti and the Politics of Religion Toleration in the Age of Empires and National States

2017 New York

19 February The ghetto, Venice, & the Jews: an historical journey

Paper: Segregation in the early modern period: Some remarks on the ghetto of Venice

2017 Erfurt MWK

12-13 January Workshop Religious Individualization: Types and Cases. Historical and Cross-cultural Explorations.

Paper: When the body speaks: religious individualization, mysticism, and religious enthusiasm in early modern Europe

2016 Venice

4-8 December Ashkenaz in Venice

Paper: Crossing the borders. The story of Sara between memory and space

2016 Paris

21-22 November Workshop: “Non contrarii, ma diversi”: the question of minority in the eyes of Christians and Jews in Italy (early 15th-mid 18th century)

Paper: Preaching, space, and the Baroque

2016 Villa Vigoni

15-18 June IIIe rencontre à Villa Vigoni 15-18 juin 2016

Les dissidences religieuses en Europe à l’époque moderne : des constructions en mouvement (liens, langages, objets). Paper: When the body speaks. Religious individualization among the Jews of the early modern period.

2015 Erfurt

August 23-29 IAHR 21th Congress, Erfurt Dynamics of Religions: Past and Present. Erfurt

(Keynote speaker) Methodology: Representations and Interpretations (title to be defined)

2015 Erfurt

June 10-12 Creating religions by historiography (Research Project DFG – Religious individualisation in historical perspective) – Erfurt. Paper: Reconstructing Judaism in the Early Modern Period

2015 Trieste

May 14-15 International Conference: Steps of Memory. The transmission of traumas, Trieste. Paper: Memory and Trauma. Jewish Tradition & Theoretical Thoughts

2015 Turin

May 13 Workshop Intorno ai Media. Turin. L'immagine. Rappresentazioni della Passione dal cinema muto ai videogame. Paper: Gesù e il cinema. Storie di passione.

2015 Erfurt

May 6 MWK Kolloquium, Research Project DFG, Religious individualisation in historical perspective: Entangled histories: A Road Map to Religious Individualization

2015 New York

March 9-10 International Italian Jews in Context: Relations, Exchanges, Networks, New York.

Paper: Wissenschaft des Judentums in Italy. Rabbis, Intellectuals and Scholars. The Third Phase (1890-1940).

2014 Oxford

April 30 OSAJS (Oxford Seminars in Advanced Jewish Studies) – (Working paper): Josephus in the Venitian Ghetto. Leon Modena and Simone Luzzatto

2013 Boston

December 16-17 Boston AJS (proposal accepted & selected)

Paper: Passion for the Book. Jewish-Christian Encounter and the Rise of Hebraica Collections in 18th Century

2103 Hamburg

November 17-20 International Conference: Invented Jewish Traditions, Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden. Hamburg.

Paper: “Jewish memory and Jewish history. The ambivalent Italian case”.

2012 Linköping

September 10-13 ESF (European Science Foundation) Research Conference Historiography of Religion, University of Linköping (Sweden).

(Keynote): “Jewish Studies, Identity Shaping by Scientific Historiography”.

2012 Oxford

July 23–26 12th EAJS Summer Colloquium: Wissenschaft des Judentums in Europe: Comparative Perspectives, Oxford, England

Paper: “The Challenge of Wissenschaft des Judentums in a Catholic Country: The Italian Case” .

2010 Venice

April 8-10 RSA Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Venice Italy

Paper: “Jewish Baroque society. Women, Letters and Rabbis” Panel: Art, Literature, and Jews in the Renaissance and Beyond.

2009 Messina

September 14-17 29th International Congress of EASR e IAHR (Special Conference: Religion in the History of European Culture), Messina, Italy

Paper: “David Castelli e Giorgio Levi Della Vida”; Panel: La storiografia storico-religiosa italiana tra la fine dell'800 e la seconda guerra mondiale.

2008 Rome

April 20-22 International Congress of Historical Studies, Studio e insegnamento della storia della Chiesa. Bilanci e prospettive per nuove letture, Università Gregoriana, Rome.

Paper: Chiesa cattolica ed ebrei in età moderna: sguardi incrociati. Riflessioni metodologiche e nuovi contributi



& National


& Workshops



7-11 August EABS European Association of Biblical Studies, Annual Meeting. Co-chair with Fernando Bermejo-Rubio The Study of the Historical Jesus


6-10 August World Union of Jewish Studies, International Congress

Panel: (Chair: Ram Ben-Shalom) Medieval and early Modern Jews and the Christian Past. Jewish perceptions of Christianity in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period.

Paper: Battling with Jesus. Remarks on Jewish and Christian Representations in the Early Modern Period

Chicago, 30 March –

April 1 RSA International Congress: Panels: Spaces of coexistence/Spaces of differentiation. Paper: Port cities, ghettos, and academias. Preliminary remarks about spaces, liminality, and encounters between Jews and Christians in early modern period


Macerata, to be

rescheduled Il reale raccontato: tra storia e letteratura. Seminario Interdisciplinare. Paper: L’ebreo conteso. Vite di Gesù

Bertinoro, 29 Sept. –

1 Oct. Cissr – 3rd Annual Meeting on Christian Origins

Translation and commentary: Religious polemics and ‘regimes of historicity’. Interpreting the Magen wa-herev of Leon Modena.

Paper: Methodology & Theory When the body speaks.

Preliminary remarks on religious individualization and body practices in the early modern period

Helsinki 29

June-July 1

EASR International Conference

Together with Annelies Lannoy. Panel 1: Historiographical wars of nineteenth century Europe. Jesus, and the parting of the ways (I – II). Paper: Claiming Jesus. Jewish interpretations in conflict and concert

Together with Paola von-Wyss Giacosa. Panel 2: Understanding Jesus in the early modern period - between text and other media (I – II). Paper: Fabricating the Jewish Jesus, preserving the Christ.

Erfurt, June 21-23 Lived Religion in Metropoleis: A comparative view

Paper: Judaism, diaspora religions, and the urban condition

Naples, 1 June Doctoral lecture: Interpretare Gesù tra Otto e Novecento. Le voci ebraiche (The interpretation of Jesus between 19th and early 20th century. Jewish accounts)

Rome, 8-9 April Convegno nazionale Società italiana di storia delle religioni

Paper: For a global history of religion. Representation of religions and the rise of tolerance?

Panel: Teorie del pluralismo religioso tra l'età del nazionalismo e il secondo Novecento: storia, problemi, percorsi

Paper: L'uso pubblico delle religioni e la riflessione sul pluralismo religioso

Venice, 8 April Book’s presentation of Antisémitisme(s): un éternel retour?

“Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine”, 2015 edited by Marie Anne Matard Bonucci, with Simon Levis Sullam and Giovanni Levi


Rome, December 3-4 Conferenza internazionale Relazioni pericolose. La storia delle religioni italiana e il fascismo. Paper: La bancarotta della scienze. Ebraismo, cristianesimo e razzismo negli anni Trenta


August 23-29 IAHR 21th Congress, Erfurt Dynamics of Religions: Past and Present. Panel: Religious Theories of Religion (organized vy J. Ruepke and M. Stausberg). Paper (accepted): Jewish religion and Judaism as a civilization

June 29 – July 1 International Conference, University of Bern, Switzerland Toledoth Yeshu in Context. Paper: Images of Jesus and Early Christianity in the Baroque Period.

March 26-28 RSA Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Berlin (selected speaker).

Panel: Early Modern Religious Dissent and Radicalism. Paper: Imagining heresy and heterodoxy – in between worlds.


October 3-5 1st Annual Meeting of Christian Origins, CISSR, Bertinoro (Italy)


1) Jesus according to the Jews (Facchini) Paper: Jesus according to the Jews

2) The Quest of Historical Jesus before Reimarus (Facchini, Pesce, Simonutti, Totaro) Paper: Richard Simon and the Jewish Jesus

3) The Birth of Christianity: Modern Myths and Historical Representations (Facchini, Walt) Paper: Which past is the best past?

July 20-24 EAJS European Association for Jewish Studies, Paris. Jewish and Non-Jewish Cultures in Contact: New Research Perspectives. Paper: Early modern Jewish responses to blood libel allegations. Patterns and models; Panel: (convenor Elissa Bemporad).

May 11-15 EASR European Associationfor the Study of Religion, Groeningen. Religion and Pluralities of Knowledge. Paper (proposal accepted): Ritual murder, Violence and Jewish Defence; Panel: Religion and Violence. Panel: Violence and repression in Christianity: Discourses and practices (convenor: David Zbìral)

March 27-29 RSA Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, New York Paper (accepted): The rise of the historical Jesus. Jewish and Christian interpretation in the 17th century. Panel: Religion and Philosophy in the Early Modern Period (convenor: Irena Backus)

March 21 (Invited speaker) Venice Project for Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies. The Catholic Paths to Anti-Semitism in 19th-Century Europe. Paper: Interpreting Blood Libels in 19th century Europe. Anti-judaism or anti-semitism?

March 7 Rome Seminario interdisciplinare “Le Religioni e le Arti” (Art & Religion) (invited speaker)

Paper: Gesù e le rappresentazioni filmiche. Note di storia culturale sul rapporto ebraico-cristiano,


November 28-29 Emodir Network International conference, Venice. Melancholia and Religion in the Early Modern Period Venice (proposal accepted)

Paper (accepted): “Werewolf, usurers and melancholy. An inquiry into Jewish culture”.

October 3-4 Conference Quarant’anni di campo: il nuovo spirito scientifico di Pierre Bourdieu, Turin.

Paper: “Discipline senza campo. Le scienze delle religioni nella cultura europea”.

September 22-23 International talk John Oesterreicher Legacy, New York.

Paper (accepted): “Dark years – Catholic Thought in front of Nazi Racism”.

May 17 Presentation of the Documentary Superstizione (1948) by Michelangelo Antonioni, with Silvana Vecchio e Cristina Paoletti. (Invited speaker)

April 26 Roundtable and book discussion of M. Caffiero, Legami pericolosi (Einaudi, Torino 2012), Meis, Ferrara

(Invited speaker): Storie condivise: ebrei e cristiani tra eresia, libri proibiti e stregoneria,

April 25 (invited speaker): Roundtable and book discussion of M. Botticini, Zvi Eckstein, The Chosen Few. Italian translation: I pochi eletti. Il ruolo dell’istruzione nella storia degli ebrei, 70-1492, Università Bocconi Editore, Milano 2013

April 3 (invited speaker): Lecture “Donne ebree autrici e lettrici” (Jewish women as authors and readers), ciclo di lezioni, Il libro ebraico: dal manoscritto ai nuovi media, Ciclo di lezioni organizzate da Centro Veneziano di Studi Ebraici Internazionali e Università degli Studi di Venezia, Venezia

February 14 Doctoral lecture: “Religioni e modernità. Cristianesimo ed ebraismo nella riflessione di Max Weber” (Religions and Modernity. Christianity and Judaism in the Works of Max Weber), University of Bologna

January 19 Invited speaker: “Donne e religioni monoteiste: l’ebraismo” (Women and Monotheisms: the case of Judaism), lecture for the Advanced Course on Women, Politics and Institutions (Corso di perfezionamento di Ateneo “Donne, politica, Istituzioni – corso avanzato), University of Trieste

January 11 Book Presentation: E. D’Antonio, La società udinese e gli ebrei fra la Restaurazione e l’età unitaria. Mondi cattolici, emancipazione e integrazione della minoranza ebraica a Udine 1830-1866/70, Istituto Pio Paschini, Udine, 2012, Udine


November 12 Invited Discussant. International Workshop: Encounters and Enstrangements. The Jews and the Nation States of South Eastern Europe (19th – 20th centuries), Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Pisa

October 18 Invited speaker: Ex libris "Leggere i testi sacri" Reading Sacred Texts), with Caterina Bori e Giulio Busi.

May 16 Doctoral lecture, University of Trieste. Doctoral School in Trieste (Scuola dottorale in Scienze Umanistiche), Traduzioni, tradizioni, transizioni

Paper: “Tradurre culture. Immagini dell’ebraismo dall’Italia all’Europa dall’Europa agli Stati Uniti tra prima età moderna e Ottocento,

February 27 Modernity and the Cities of the Jews, Presentation at the International Conference of Judaica Europeana, Rome

February 24 “Tra ebraismo e cristianesimo. La questione religiosa negli scritti di Freud” (Between Judaism and Christianity. The religious question in Freud), Series of Seminars on “Psicoanalisi e scienze umane” (Psychoanalysis and Humanities), DiDiSAG, University of Bologna

January 26 Philadelphia

“Pereyra De Paiva’s and the Jews of Cochin. The Italian manuscript”, Paper presented at the Katz Centre for Advanced Judaic Studies, Philadelphia

January 23 Modernity and the cities of the Jews, presentation of the e-journal Quest, Centro Primo Levi, New York

January 11 International Conference: Within and Without: Jews in Italy throughout the centuries, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Beer Sheva, Israel.

Paper: “Representing Judaism in Seventeenth Century. A Comparative Analysis of Simone Luzzatto’s Discorso and Leone Modena’s Historia de’ riti hebraici”,


December 13-15 International Workshop, Space and Conversion: Institutions, Urban Stages and Interiority (16th-20th Centuries), Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy . Paper: “Converted Jews as Catholic Scholars. Italian Case Studies from the 17th to early 20th Century Italy(declined).

November 9 Conference, Ebraismo italiano dalle sue realtà regionali all'idea unitaria, MEB (Museo ebraico Bologna). Paper (invited speaker): “Ebrei ed ebraismo italiano nel lungo Ottocento. Immagini, pratiche e rappresentazioni”,

October 4 National Conference: Gli ebrei nella costruzione dell’Italia unitaria, Turin, Italy. Paper: “Religione e libertà nella cultura ebraica liberale.

September 22 SISSCO Conference (Association for Modern History), Forlì, Italy. Paper (invited): “Razzismo, nazionalismo e antisemitismo durante il pontificato di Pio XI. Prospettive storiografiche e questioni di metodo”,

June 16-17 International Conference: Believers in the Nation. European religious minorities in the age of nationalism (1815-1914), University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Paper (accepted): “Jews and Protestants: their role and place in the construction of the Italian nation”.

May 30-31 CUSCC Conference (Association for the History of Christianity): Eresie ed eretici nella storia del cristianesimo, Milan, Italy.

Paper: “Dall'eresia del liberalismo a quella del nazismo: Chiesa e modernità”.

April 7-9 International Conference Italian-Jewish Studies at the AAIS. Chair: Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan, Michele Ciavolella, UCLA, and Millicent Marcus, Yale University Paper: “Italian Jewish Preaching: Images of the Baroque Body and Self”.

January 27 Film presentation: "Vedere voci: "Sobibor" e la rivincita della memoria", (Sobibor. 14 Ottobre 1943, di Claude Lanzmann University of Bologna.

January 25 Book Presentation, Istituto Storico Parri, Bologna. Marco Palmieri e Mario Avagliano, Gli ebrei sotto la persecuzione in Italia. Diari e lettere 1938-1945 (Einaudi, Torino 2011)


October Book presentation, University of Bologna. L’esoterismo, a c. di G. Cazzaniga (Annale 25, Storia d’Italia, Einaudi, Torino 2010). Togetehr with: the author, A. Foa, P.C. Bori, C. Facchini, F. Sofia

September 1-3 AISG Annual Conference (Italian Association for Jewish Studies), Ravenna.

Paper: “Carteggi di Savants. La corrispondenza tra Cantarini e Unger”.

July 25-27 EAJS European Association for Jewish Studies.

Panel organizer (C. Facchini): “Baroque culture and Jewish Society”. Paper: “Jewish Political Narratives”.

June 30 Seminary Lecture on “Iconological traditions in the Ancient Synagogues” – Rome (declined)

April 8-10 Invited speaker RSA Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Venice.

Panel: Art, Literature, and Jews in the Renaissance and Beyond. Paper: “Jewish Baroque society. Women, Letters and Rabbis”;


September 28 Lectio magistralis. Opening lecture for the Academic Year.

BA degree in Anthropology. Alma Mater University of Bologna.

September 14-16 23rd International Congress of AISG, L’Ottocento ebraico in Italia fra tradizione e innovazione: la figura e l’opera di Marco Mortara (1815-1894), Ravenna.

Paper: “Symbolic places of Jewish Integration in 19th Century Italian Judaism”,

January 27 Lecture: The silence of poetry ..., lecture on Shoah and Memory, for the Commemoration of the Day of Memory, Bologna City Hall


October 28 Polemiche recenti: omicidio rituale nella storia della chiesa, nella storia dell’ebraismo e nella cultura contemporanea, Lecture for Seminars in History of Christianity and the Church, University of Bologna.

July 2008 NEH Symposium, Venice (invited speaker).

Paper: Kabbalistique meditations. Leon Modena, Kabbalah and Baroque culture.

April 23 Book Presentation of S. Luzzatto, Padre Pio (Einaudi, Torino 2007) at the Foundation of Dossetti Library, Bologna.


October 4-6 Annual Conference Prin, Turin.

Paper: Predicatori ebrei e cristiani in tre città dell'Europa di età moderna: Amsterdam, Venezia e Roma, Pluralità e conflitti religiosi tra città e periferie.

January 9-10 International Conference, Confini della tolleranza e della intolleranza religiosa, Bologna

Paper: Luigi Luzzatti, Dio nella libertà (1926): the Rise of Religious Tolerance Between East and West.


July 2006 NEH Symposium, Venice.

(invited speaker) Paper: Critizing Judaism? Leon da Modena and Religion.


February 11 Venice Seminar on the History of the Jews in Italy, by Prof. Giovanni Levi “Gruppo di studi sugli ebrei in Italia”, Venice .

Paper: Che cos’è la biografia di un rabbino? Itinerari di ricerca su Y.H. Cantarini e il giudaismo di età barocca.


November 2003 SIS Congress (Società Italiana delle Storiche), Florence.

Paper: Il matrimonio nel giudaismo della Mishnah,

April 12-13 3rd Rabbinical Seminar of the University of Granada (Seminario de Estudios rabinicos), directed by prof. Miguel Perez Fernandez, Granada. Paper: Il sacrificio nella Mishna


July 2002 VII Congress of the EAJS (European Association for Jewish Studies), Amsterdam:

Paper: The Baroque Universe of Isaac Hayyim Kohen Cantarini from Padua (1644-1723)


October 2001 National Congress PRIN, Sacrofano, Rome.

Paper: Il sacrificio nel Seder Qodashim della Mishnah.

September 3-5 International Aisg, Gabicce.

Paper: Voci dal ghetto padovano: alcuni aspetti della predicazione di Y. H. Cantarini (1644-1723).

June 2001 International conference Cisec, Bologna

Paper: L’assalto al ghetto di Padova del 1684: il Pachad Yitzchaq di Y.H. Cantarini


March 22 Annual Conference Cisec, Le rappresentazioni dell’ebraismo, Bologna. Paper: Rappresentazioni ebraiche dell’ebraismo nel XVII secolo


February 1-2 Annual Conference Cisec, Antigiudaismo e Ebraismo, Bologna.

Paper: Il Vindex sanguinis di Yitzchak Ch. Cantarini (Amsterdam 1681)


October 12-15 International Congress Prin, Eschatology, Sacrofano (Rome)

Paper: Eschatology and Mishna

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