Foto del docente

Cristian Vignali

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics

Director of First Cycle Degree in Astronomy


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

First cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Nuclei galattici attivi: proprietà e caratterizzazione mediante diagrammi diagnostici nell'epoca della missione Euclid

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Calibration of the detector flight models for the HERMES and SPIRIT nanosatellite missions
  • Exploration of X-ray, optical and radio emission of the radio-galaxy 3C 277.3
  • Investigating High-Energy Emission in Young Radio Galaxies
  • Misura della non-linearità nella risposta dello scintillatore GAGG:Ce per la missione HERMES
  • On the CTA capabilities in resolving sources in the Galactic Plane Survey
  • Prospects for future observations of off-axis short gamma-ray burst jets associated with binary neutron star mergers
  • Studio spettroscopico 3D di un AGN oscurato a z = 0.826 nel campo J1030

PhD programmes thesis

  • Probing the innermost regions of AGN via time-resolved spectral analysis