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Claudio Antonio Tranne

Assistant professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/08 Geochemistry and Volcanology


Keywords: tepfrocronology volcanology Aeolian islands Tatio (Chile) Volcanic islands Linosa island

Stratigraphy of pliocenic-pleistocenic (subordinately permian) volcanic successions of mediterranean (Aeolian archipelago, Palmarola, Pantelleria ecc.) and extra-mediterranean areas (Tatio area, Chile):

1. geological survey in volcanic areas aimed at defining major stratigraphic relationships by means of a stratigraphic approach based on the prioritary use of Unconformity-Bounded Units (UBU);

2. stratigraphic and sedimentological analysis towards the characterization of eruptive style and depositional behaviour of pyroclastic deposits in subaerial and submarine environments;

3. interaction between volcanism, late Pleistocene sea level changes and vertical crustal movements in volcanic areas (Aeolian Islands).

4. erosional processes and flank instability during the geological evolution of volcanic islands.

5. evaluation of hazard and volcanic risk.  

The geological survey is aimed to reconstruct a stratigraphic framework of the studied areas with the purpose to highlight its geological evolution. At this purpose, particular attention will be devoted to the recognition of main unconformities useful to provide an interpretative model of the evolution of volcanic edifices as the result of "constructive" phases, testified by the occurring of volcanic products, and the phases of reworking in subaerial environment. The reconstructed stratigraphy would represent an essential tool of synthesis at wide scale and would provide a fundamental framework where geochemical and petrological data could be included from the sake to match and integrate the stratigraphic results.