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Claudia Sala

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Adjunct professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: FIS/07 Applied Physics


De Cesare, Alessandra; Faria do Valle, Ìtalo; Sala, Claudia; Sirri, Federico; Astolfi, Annalisa; Castellani, Gastone; Manfreda, Gerardo, Effect of a low protein diet on chicken ceca microbiome and productive performances, «POULTRY SCIENCE», 2019, 98, pp. 3963 - 3976 [Scientific article]

De Cesare, Alessandra; Caselli, Elisabetta; Lucchi, Alex; Sala, Claudia; Parisi, Antonio; Manfreda, Gerardo; Mazzacane, Sante, Impact of a probiotic-based cleaning product on the microbiological profile of broiler litters and chicken caeca microbiota, «POULTRY SCIENCE», 2019, 98, pp. 3602 - 3610 [Scientific article]

Isidori, Federica; Malvi, Deborah; Fittipaldi, Silvia; Forcato, Claudio; Bozzarelli, Isotta; Sala, Claudia; Raulli, Giovanni; D'Errico, Antonia; Fiorentino, Michelangelo; Seri, Marco; Krishnadath, Kausilia K.; Bonora, Elena; Mattioli, Sandro; Lugaresi, Maria Luisa; Castellani, Gastone; Fiocca, Roberto; Mastracci, Luca; Räsänen, Jari; Söderström, Henna, Genomic profiles of primary and metastatic esophageal adenocarcinoma identified via digital sorting of pure cell populations: Results from a case report, «BMC CANCER», 2018, 18, pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

Danielle Fernandes Durso; Maria Giulia Bacalini; Claudia Sala; Chiara Pirazzini; Elena Marasco; Massimiliano Bonafé; Ítalo Faria do Valle; Davide Gentilini; Gastone Castellani; Ana Maria Caetano Faria; Claudio Franceschi; Paolo Garagnani; Christine Nardini, Acceleration of leukocytes' epigenetic age as an early tumorand sex-specific marker of breast and colorectal cancer, «ONCOTARGET», 2017, 8, pp. 23237 - 23245 [Scientific article]

Bertamini, Luca; Sala, Claudia; Martinelli, Nicola; Papayannidis, Cristina; Giuliani, Cristina; Malerba, Giovanni; Garagnani, Paolo; Olivieri, Oliviero; Martinelli, Giovanni; Franceschi, Claudio; Girelli, Domenico, Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP) in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and in Centenarians. Further Clues Linking Chip with Cardiovascular Risk, «BLOOD», 2017, 130, pp. 1144 - 1144 [Abstract]

Remondini, D; Intrator, N; Sala, C; Pierini, M; Garagnani, P; Zironi, I; Franceschi, C; Salvioli, S; Castellani, G., Identification of a T cell gene expression clock obtained by exploiting a MZ twin design., «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2017, 7, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Bazzani, Armando; Sala, Claudia; Giampieri, Enrico; Castellani, Gastone, Master Equation and Relative Species Abundance Distribution for Lotka-Volterra Models of Interacting Ecological Communities, «THEORETICAL BIOLOGY FORUM», 2017, 11, pp. 37 - 47 [Scientific article]

Sala, C.; Uh, H.W.; Jordanova, E.S.; Punt, S.; Castellani, G.; Houwing-Duistermaat, J.J, Discriminative analysis based on qRT-PCR gene expression clusters applied to squamous cervical cancer data, in: XXVIIIth International Biometric Conference, 2016(atti di: XXVIIIth International Biometric Conference, Victoria, Canada, 10 - 15 July, 2016) [Poster]

Bersanelli, Matteo; Mosca, Ettore; Remondini, Daniel; Giampieri, Enrico; Sala, Claudia; Castellani, Gastone; Milanesi, Luciano, Methods for the integration of multi-omics data: Mathematical aspects, «BMC BIOINFORMATICS», 2016, 17 Suppl 2, pp. 15 - 25 [Scientific article]

Sala, Claudia; Vitali, Silvia; Giampieri, Enrico; do Valle, Ìtalo Faria; Remondini, Daniel; Garagnani, Paolo; Bersanelli, Matteo; Mosca, Ettore; Milanesi, Luciano; Castellani, Gastone, Stochastic neutral modelling of the Gut Microbiota's relative species abundance from next generation sequencing data, «BMC BIOINFORMATICS», 2016, 17, pp. 16 - 25 [Scientific article]

Castellani, Gastone C.; Menichetti, Giulia; Garagnani, Paolo; Bacalini, Maria Giulia; Pirazzini, Chiara; Franceschi, Claudio; Collino, Sebastiano; Sala, Claudia; Remondini, Daniel; Giampieri, Enrico; Mosca, Ettore; Bersanelli, Matteo; Vitali, Silvia; Do Valle, Italo Faria; Liò, Pietro; Milanesi, Luciano, Systems medicine of inflammaging, «BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS», 2016, 17, pp. 527 - 540 [Scientific article]

Faria do Valle, Italo; Giampieri, Enrico; Padella, Antonella; Simonetti, Giorgia; Manfrini, Marco; Sala, Claudia; Vitali, Silvia; Martinelli, Giovanni; Remondini, Daniel; Castellani, Gastone ., An analysis pipeline for variant discovery in Whole Exome Sequencing data of cancer samples., in: Conference Proceedings 12th Bits Annual Meeting, 2015, pp. 100 - 101 (atti di: Conference Proceedings 12th Bits Annual Meeting, Milano, Italy, June 3-5 2015) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Giampieri, Enrico; Remondini, Daniel; Bacalini, Maria Giulia; Garagnani, Paolo; Pirazzini, Chiara; Yani, Stella Lukas; Giuliani, Cristina; Menichetti, Giulia; Zironi, Isabella; Sala, Claudia; Capri, Miriam; Franceschi, Claudio; Bürkle, Alexander; Castellani, Gastone, Statistical strategies and stochastic predictive models for the MARK-AGE data, «MECHANISMS OF AGEING AND DEVELOPMENT», 2015, 151, pp. 45 - 53 [Scientific article]

Sala, C.; Vitali, S; Giampieri, E; Remondini, D; Neretti, N; Castellani, G, Applications of ecological theory: GUT microbiota and Transposable Elements., in: European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'14), Lucca, Italy, 2014(atti di: European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'14), Lucca, Italy, September 22-26, 2014) [Poster]

Sala, C.; Vitali, S; Giampieri, E; Remondini, D; Valle, I F; Castellani, G, Ecological modelling for next generation sequencing data., in: RECENT ADVANCES IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS, MODELLING AND SIMULATION, Firenze, Italy, 2014, pp. 153 - 157 (atti di: APPLIED MATHEMATICS, SIMULATION, MODELLING (ASM'14), Firenze, 22-24 novembre 2014) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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