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Claudia Sala

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: FIS/07 Applied Physics


Isidori, Federica; Malvi, Deborah; Fittipaldi, Silvia; Forcato, Claudio; Bozzarelli, Isotta; Sala, Claudia; Raulli, Giovanni; D'Errico, Antonia; Fiorentino, Michelangelo; Seri, Marco; Krishnadath, Kausilia K.; Bonora, Elena; Mattioli, Sandro; Lugaresi, Maria Luisa; Castellani, Gastone; Fiocca, Roberto; Mastracci, Luca; Räsänen, Jari; Söderström, Henna, Genomic profiles of primary and metastatic esophageal adenocarcinoma identified via digital sorting of pure cell populations: Results from a case report, «BMC CANCER», 2018, 18, Article number: 889 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]Open Access

Danielle Fernandes Durso; Maria Giulia Bacalini; Claudia Sala; Chiara Pirazzini; Elena Marasco; Massimiliano Bonafé; Ítalo Faria do Valle; Davide Gentilini; Gastone Castellani; Ana Maria Caetano Faria; Claudio Franceschi; Paolo Garagnani; Christine Nardini, Acceleration of leukocytes' epigenetic age as an early tumorand sex-specific marker of breast and colorectal cancer, «ONCOTARGET», 2017, 8, pp. 23237 - 23245 [Scientific article]Open Access

Luca Bertamini, Claudia Sala, Nicola Martinelli, Cristina Papayannidis, Cristina Giuliani, Giovanni Malerba, Paolo Garagnani, Oliviero Olivieri, Giovanni Martinelli, Claudio Franceschi, Domenico Girelli, Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP) in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and in Centenarians. Further Clues Linking Chip with Cardiovascular Risk, «BLOOD», 2017, 130, pp. 1144 - 1144 [Abstract]

Remondini, D; Intrator, N; Sala, C; Pierini, M; Garagnani, P; Zironi, I; Franceschi, C; Salvioli, S; Castellani, G., Identification of a T cell gene expression clock obtained by exploiting a MZ twin design., «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2017, 7, Article number: 6005 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]Open Access

Sala, C.; Uh, H.W.; Jordanova, E.S.; Punt, S.; Castellani, G.; Houwing-Duistermaat, J.J, Discriminative analysis based on qRT-PCR gene expression clusters applied to squamous cervical cancer data, in: XXVIIIth International Biometric Conference, 2016(atti di: XXVIIIth International Biometric Conference, Victoria, Canada, 10 - 15 July, 2016) [Poster]

Bazzani, Armando; Sala, Claudia; Giampieri, Enrico; Castellani, Gastone, Master Equation and Relative Species Abundance Distribution for Lotka-Volterra Models of Interacting Ecological Communities, «THEORETICAL BIOLOGY FORUM», 2016, 109, pp. 37 - 47 [Scientific article]

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Sala, Claudia; Vitali, Silvia; Giampieri, Enrico; do Valle, Ìtalo Faria; Remondini, Daniel; Garagnani, Paolo; Bersanelli, Matteo; Mosca, Ettore; Milanesi, Luciano; Castellani, Gastone, Stochastic neutral modelling of the Gut Microbiota's relative species abundance from next generation sequencing data, «BMC BIOINFORMATICS», 2016, 17, pp. 16 - 25 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Faria do Valle, Italo; Giampieri, Enrico; Padella, Antonella; Simonetti, Giorgia; Manfrini, Marco; Sala, Claudia; Vitali, Silvia; Martinelli, Giovanni; Remondini, Daniel; Castellani, Gastone ., An analysis pipeline for variant discovery in Whole Exome Sequencing data of cancer samples., in: Conference Proceedings 12th Bits Annual Meeting, 2015, pp. 100 - 101 (atti di: Conference Proceedings 12th Bits Annual Meeting, Milano, Italy, June 3-5 2015) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Giampieri, Enrico; Remondini, Daniel; Bacalini, Maria Giulia; Garagnani, Paolo; Pirazzini, Chiara; Yani, Stella Lukas; Giuliani, Cristina; Menichetti, Giulia; Zironi, Isabella; Sala, Claudia; Capri, Miriam; Franceschi, Claudio; Bürkle, Alexander; Castellani, Gastone, Statistical strategies and stochastic predictive models for the MARK-AGE data, «MECHANISMS OF AGEING AND DEVELOPMENT», 2015, 151, pp. 45 - 53 [Scientific article]

Sala, C.; Vitali, S; Giampieri, E; Remondini, D; Neretti, N; Castellani, G, Applications of ecological theory: GUT microbiota and Transposable Elements., in: European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'14), Lucca, Italy, 2014(atti di: European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'14), Lucca, Italy, September 22-26, 2014) [Poster]

Sala, C.; Vitali, S; Giampieri, E; Remondini, D; Valle, I F; Castellani, G, Ecological modelling for next generation sequencing data., in: RECENT ADVANCES IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS, MODELLING AND SIMULATION, Firenze, Italy, 2014, pp. 153 - 157 (atti di: APPLIED MATHEMATICS, SIMULATION, MODELLING (ASM'14), Firenze, 22-24 novembre 2014) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Sala, C.; Vitali, S; Giampieri, E; Remondini, D; Castellani, G, Stochastical modeling of the gut microbiota ecological system, in: XIX International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (ICMMB19), Bologna, Italy, 2014, pp. 218 - 219 (atti di: ICMMB, XIX International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, Bologna, 3-5 settembre 2014) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Dulce Calçada;Dario Vianello;Enrico Giampieri;Claudia Sala;Gastone Castellani;Albert de Graaf;Bas Kremer;Ben van Ommen;Edith Feskens;Aurelia Santoro;Claudio Franceschi;Jildau Bouwman, The role of low-grade inflammation and metabolic flexibility in aging and nutritional modulation thereof: a systems biology approach, «MECHANISMS OF AGEING AND DEVELOPMENT», 2014, 136-137, pp. 138 - 147 [Scientific article]

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