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Cinzia Viroli

Full Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: SECS-S/01 Statistics


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

First cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Analisi e studio dei terremoti del territorio Italiano
  • Il Gender Pay Gap in Italia: un'analisi statistica delle disuguaglianze retributive dal 2014 al 2020
  • Indagine statistica sul fenomeno piadina confronto tra le farciture tradizionali e i gusti ideali del consumatore

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Attention and action: the link between them and their influence on visual-working memory representations
  • Benchmark of deep legal and nance text embedding algorithms
  • Climate Change in Europe: a Data Visualisation
  • Digitalization of enterprises in Emilia-Romagna: a market analysis
  • Forecasting groundwater in the Flanders. A comparison of models for time series.
  • Local Effects and Non-Linear Modeling for Improved Prediction Accuracy in Regression and Classification: An R Package Implementation
  • Predictive models for business case studies: different statistical approaches to prevent customer churn
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Synthetic Data Creation with Deep Generative Models
  • Singularity Detection for Data Privacy Evaluation
  • Topic Detection in Textual Analysis: An Application to TED Talks

PhD programmes thesis

  • Modelling and classification with quantile-based distributions

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