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Chiara Pompa

Fixed-term Researcher in Tenure Track L. 79/2022

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/03 History of Contemporary Art

Short Bio

Chiara Pompa is an assistant professor (fixed-term) and lecturer in "Archives Enhancement for Fashion" and "Photography and Fashion Culture" at the Department of the Arts of the University of Bologna, where she holds a PhD in Visual, Performing and Media Arts. She is also managing editor of the journal "piano b. Arti e culture visive" and a fellow of the research centres "CFC - Culture Fashion Communication" and "FAF - Fotografia Arte Femminismo". Her interests focus, on the one hand, on the exploration of the poetics and photographic practices of the late 20th century, with particular attention to the relationships of interchange and reciprocity between the fields of art and fashion and, on the other hand, on the enhancement of the cultural heritage of fashion companies, with a specific interest in defining scenarios for the application of immersive technologies.

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