Foto del docente

Chiara Pizzirani

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/06 Etruscology and Italic Antiquities


Keywords: Etruscan Po Valley Spina cities and necropolis Bologna, Felsina Dionysus

Her chief research fields concern ancient peopling and topography, particularly in the Po Valley and Adriatic areas. They specifically involve a great attention to the study of the main cities and their territories and to the knowledge of both Italian and eastern shores of Adriatic sea. Her interest in Etruscan Po Valley mainly focuses on settlements and necropolis in the cities of Bologna, Spina and Castelvetro - Modena (religious rules, dynamics of occupying the funeral areas, burial monuments and structures, arrangements of funeral offerings). 

She has been participating since 1999 uninterruptedly in the excavation campaignes supported by the Department of Archaeology of the University of Bologna in the Etruscan city of Marzabotto (Directors Prof. G. Sassatelli and Prof. E. Govi). From 2003 until 2007 she had responsibility of graphical documentation of archaeological evidences and structures, since 2007 she has been having responsibility of editing of the excavation diary and stratigraphic units database together with Prof. E. Govi.