Foto del docente

Chiara Bologna

Associate Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/08 Constitutional Law

Curriculum vitae

Chiara Bologna is Researcher in Comparative Public Law at the University of Bologna, where she has held (from 2006 to 2013) the course of Italian and Comparative Constitutional Law. Since 2013 she holds the course of Constitutional Law. After graduating with honors in Law, she received (with excellent evaluation) in 2004 the title of PhD in Constitutional Law at the University of Bologna (Department of Legal Sciences A. Cicu). From 2004 to 2005 was research fellow in Comparative Public Law at the University of Bologna and from 2005 to 2006 research fellow in Public Law. In 2002 and 2005 she was research assistant at Harvard University, respectively, to Prof. Robert Putnam and Professor Laurence Tribe. She is the author of many articles about dissolution of political parties, emergency and constituion, federal and regional government. She also authored a book about American federal system, a book about local government in Italy, Uk and Spain (With P. Leyland, J. Frosini, M. Salvador Crespo, A. Ross-Roberts) and she is the editor (with G. Endrici) of a book about University system