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Carmelo Danisi

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Vicepresidenza della Scuola di Scienze Politiche - Forlì

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Adjunct Professor of International Law at Unibo, Research Fellow at Sussex University and Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University - College of Law (Endeavour Research Fellowship 2015).

After a PhD scholarship (Unige, Italy), he has been for 3 years a post-doc fellow at Unibo. He is author of a number of publications, especially in relation to international human rights law. In 2015 he published his first book Tutela dei diritti umani, non discriminazione e orientamento sessuale, Editoriale scientifica, as part of the Collection of studies "La ricerca del diritto nella Comunità internazionale". 

He has been involved in several research projects concerning a variety of topics under international and EU law. Among others, these include legal analysis for the EU Agency for fundamental rights, Western Sahara and international human rights law, the protection of the migrant child, international refugee law and minority groups (SOGICA ERC project), non-discrimination law and contrast to violence based on gender.

Since the a.y. 2013/2014, he teaches International Law as Adjunct Professor at Unibo-Forli campus.

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Vicepresidenza della Scuola di Scienze Politiche - Forlì
Via G. della Torre 1, Forlì - Vai alla mappa

Orario di ricevimento

A partire dall'1 marzo 2018, il ricevimento è previsto:

- ogni giovedì dalle 11 alle 13 (verificare eventuali cambiamenti nella pagina degli avvisi).

Salvo specifiche indicazioni, il docente riceve presso lo studio F2 della Scuola di Scienze Politiche- sede di Forli - Via Giacomo della Torre, 1 – Forli.