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Carlo Ventura


Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES

Academic discipline: BIO/11 Molecular Biology


Bianchi F; La Manna G; Cantoni S; Cavallini C; Scarlata I; Cappuccilli ML; Persici E; Scolari MP; Perbellini A; Ventura C; Stefoni S., Expression of markers for metanephric differentiation induced by butyric and hyaluronic esters, in: , «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL ORGANS», 2005, 28, pp. 940 - 940 (atti di: 2005 ESAO-IFAO Joint Congress, Bologna, 5-8 october 2005) [Abstract]

Ventura C., Forced myocardin expression primes cardiac and smooth muscle transcription patterning in human mesenchymal stem cells., «CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH», 2005, 67, pp. 182 - 183 [Scientific article]

VENTURA C.; MAIOLI M.; ASARA Y.; SANTONI D.; MESIRCA P.; REMONDINI D.; BERSANI F., Turning on stem cell cardiogenesis with extremely low frequency magnetic fields., «THE FASEB JOURNAL», 2005, 19, pp. 155 - 157 [Scientific article]

VENTURA C.; MAIOLI M.; ASARA Y.; SANTONI D.; SCARLATA I.; CANTONI S.; PERBELLINI A., Butyric and retinoic mixed ester of hyaluronan: A novel differentiating glycoconjugate affording a high-throughput of cardiogenesis in embryonic stem cells., «THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY», 2004, 279, pp. 23574 - 23579 [Scientific article]

NEWMAN J.H.; TREMBATH R.C.; MORSE J.A.; GRUNIG E.; LOYD J.E.; ADNOT S.; COCCOLO F.; VENTURA C.; PHILLIPS III J.A.; KNOWLES J.A.; JANSSEN B.; EICKELBERG O.; EDDAHIBI S.; HERVE P.; NICHOLS W.C.; ELLIOTT G., Genetic Basis of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Current Understanding and Future Directions, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY», 2004, 43, pp. 33S - 39S [Scientific article]

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