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Carlo Ventura

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: BIO/11 BIOLOGIA MOLECOLARE

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VID art|Science.

VID art|sciences encourages the common journey of artists and scientists to bring about a shift in consciousness towards a recognition of the inherent unity of Arts and Sciences.

The extraordinary progress made in recent years in all fields of Human Endeavor has brought many benefits to the World. In the Sciences, researchers have been forced to focus upon smaller and smaller domains, ironically making some scientific analyses removed from Life itself. This progress has often resulted in a fragmentation of knowledge that has contributed to the creation of serious problems to the health and well being of our Planet. The gap between the Humanities and Sciences has contributed to an inability to directly address pressing concerns regarding the Global Environment, and the development of sustainable systems for managing the Earth.

The Arts and Sciences have always been intertwined. As the techniques of painting, music, architecture, grew along with developments in mathematics and the physical sciences, this shared heritage has long been recognized as essential to furthering Humanity. VID art|science promotes transdisciplinary approaches in Arts and Sciences:
Exploring the avant-garde of scientific innovation to unravel how engagement in the Arts can speak to our biology to reawaken our self-healing potential.
• Artists are evolving towards expressive forms inspired by a scientific landscape of novel discoveries and paradigms.
• Scientists and Artists are working together to investigate how artistic expressions can inform scientific investigations to more clearly elucidate well-being/self healing pathways in people.
• Meditators and practitioners of well-being and martial arts such as yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc., share their practices, give instruction and participate in transdisciplinary research and seminars.
• Cultivating wholeness and well-being through returning to Nature, exploring natural vibrational environments, researching biological effects elicited by sacred sites and ancient medical traditions.
• Creation of multisensory interactive environments offering the opportunity to explore the unity of visual arts, music, movement, scientific concepts, and multicultural expressions.
• Integrating multicultural perspectives on the cultural and spiritual meaning of the arts, healing, and our relationship with the Earth.
• Developing vibrational and regenerative medicine to enhance the natural ability to heal.

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