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Carla Raffaelli

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-INF/03 Telecommunications


Keywords: Telecommunication Networks Internet 6G Networks Network virtualization Software Defined Networks Traffic models AI application to networking

Optical networks. Optical circuit switching, Optical packet switching, Optical burst switching. Inter-working between elecronic and optical networks. Switch architectures. Traffic models. Network simulation. Scheduling algorithms. TCP protocol over high speed networks. Packet assembly at optical network edge. Application aware optical routers. Software routers. Future internet solutions.  Hybrid switching.


Development and leadership of research activities and groups in the area of  Telecommunication Networks at the University of Bologna, with emphasis on the  evolution of techniques and systems in high performance multi-service and optical networks,  through National and International collaborations and projects.

All research activities has been developed with attention to methodological aspects in view of scientific and technological innovation,  with original personal  contributions.  In more than 25 years of research activities the candidate has  progressively achieved  development and  organizational abilities  with increasingly established collaborations with National and International research groups. These achievements are highlighted  by relevant recent publications which show a  recognized reference position on the specific topics.


1985-1990: ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) in preparation of Ph. D. Thesis. This work was partially developed within the CNR Telecommunications  Targeted Project.

-           High performance cel l switch architectures

-           ATM access control

1990 – current:  Optical networks, with initial collaboration with the first industrial  and research groups in Europe involved in this research (in particular Alcatel Alsthom Research).  The paper  among those presented resulted as  a worldwide reference on this topic. Reference projects:  EU KEOPS and DAVID.  Further extended  studies followed in the framerwok of the EU funded  Networks of Excellence (e-photon/One, e-photon/One+, BONE) with the achievement of highly integrated cooperation with the European research  community  and of a widely recognized reference position on this topic.

In particular she was member of the advisory board of the Joint project on Optical Burst Switching in e-photon/ONe. She coordinated relevant activities on optical switch architectures.  She was also the editor of the book chapter  ‘Optical Packet Switching' in  ‘Enabling Optical Internet with Advanced Network Technologies', Springer, 2009.  Guest editor of the special issues of  IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, ‘Optical Networks for the Future Internet', July 2009. She also contributed to the book chapter  ‘High Performance TCP/IP Networking', Prentice Hall, 2004.

 Main activities:

-           Optical packet and burst switching

-           Contention resolution in optical packet switches  

-           Interworking  of TCP/IP with optical packet switched networks

-           Signalling protocols in Optical Burst Switching

-           Service guarantees in Optical Networks

-           Optical Switch Architectures

-           Broadcast and select architectures

-           Contention resolution in the wavelength domain and related architectures

-           Multiple service class support in optical switch with wavelength conversion 

-           Scalable switch architectures

-           Power efficiency in optical switches

-           Practical solutions for wavelength conversion

1990 – current:  Architectures and protocols for Internet evolution towards emerging application scenarios: theoretical and experimental studies with responsibility of the research unit of the University of Bologna to study quality of service techniques and software router architectures.  Experimental measurement  activity in collaboration with INFN/CNAF, also in support of studies for the CERN network  . Main research projects funded by MIUR as PRIN, namely NEBULA, EURO, SFINGI.  Experimental demo set up at the National GTTI meeting in Trieste, 2002. Coordination of a EU project proposal (PROFUSION, FP7-Call VIII, positive evaluation, not funded).  Recent collaboration with Transpacket AS on enhanced hybrid switching and software defined networking.

Main activities:

-           Quality of service algorithms and measurement in router IP 

-           Bandwidth management in multi-domain IP networks

-           Experimental activity on software routers

-           Design and development of a classifier for real time and best effort service in software router context

-           Programmable modular router

-           Hybrid networking

-           Software defined networks

1990-1996: Performance modeling of wireless access protocol. Reference project: CNR WWLAN.

-           Analytical models of multiple access techniques

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