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Carla Cuomo

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/07 Musicology and History of Music

Curriculum vitae

A pianist and musicologist, besides an intensive artistic activity, since 2006 Carla Cuomo has been a research fellow at the University of Bologna. Her dual training, in both music and musicology, is the result of a personal need to think about music in holistic terms. This approach led her to focus her research on the one hand on performance and the interpretation of music, in a historical perspective and with special regard to music criticism, and on the other hand on education and music teaching, paying special attention to the appreciation of art music.

Her scientific production is developed in three areas:

(1) the history of twentieth century Italian music criticism;

(2) the pedagogy and teaching of music in relations with musicology and educational sciences;

(3) "cultural studies" with attention to Acoustic Ecology.

In all studies, attention is focused on the ways of processing and transmitting musical knowledge, investigated in the relationships between historical-critical music specialism, dissemination and training.


After finishing her musical studies at the Conservatory, earning a Piano diploma (1988), at a very young age she began an intensive activity as a concert pianist in Italy, Europe, the USA and Asia. She completed her piano training at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola (1996). She graduated in Arts, Music and Performing Disciplines (1997) at the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna (formerly Faculty of Humanities), and subsequently obtained a PhD in Musicology (2004) at the same University.

Academic career

She was an adjunct professor (2002-2013) for the University of Bologna, the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia and the University of Urbino. In 2006 she became a research fellow in Bologna University, in the sector L-ART / 07 Musicology and Music History, pertaining to the Department of Music and Performing Arts, currently Department of Arts. Visual Performing Media, in the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna. She also taught courses at the University of Urbino as an adjunct professor (2010-2013).

In 2020 she obtained the national scientific qualification for the role of associate professor in the L-ART / 07 Musicology and History of Music sector and in 2021 she obtained the position of associate professor in the Department of Arts.

Didactic activity

Since 2004 she has consistently pursued her teaching activity, including a number of lessons for a Masters degree in Science and for a Masters degree at the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage. She taugth History of Music III (’800) in the Bachelor degree course at the DAMS in Bologna University and also Music Pedagogy for the TFA‑Internship Training Active in the same University, in order to qualify for Music teaching in Italian schools.

She currently teaches Music Pedagogy for the Bachelor degree course at the DAMS – Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performing of Bologna University, as well as seminars on her research disciplines.

Scientific activity

She has published studies (articles and essays) in the following areas:

  • on Italian music critics and criticism and its history, with particular regard to the 20th Century - on Fedele d'Amico: Cronaca delle cronache (1931-1967), in Trent'anni dopo. Quel che dobbiamo a Fedele d'Amico, a cura di Annalisa Bini e Jacopo Pellegrini, Roma, Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (“L’Arte Armonica”. Serie III, Studi e Testi, 17), 2021, pp. 95-131; on Massimo Mila: Le métier d’intellectuel: Massimo Mila et la critique musicale dans la période 1928-1950, in La critique musicale au XXesiècle, sous la direction de Timothée Picard, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2020, pp. 907-916; La “Breve storia della musica” di Massimo Mila, in Note. Lo stile della saggistica critica sulle arti II, «Polifemo», n. 19, 2020, pp. 53-74; Le matrici intellettuali di Massimo Mila, in «Musica/Realtà», n. 119 (luglio 2019), pp. 105-146; Massimo Mila e l’impegno: interazioni tra critica militante e musicologia dal dopoguerra agli anni Settanta, in Music Criticism 1950-2000, ed. by Roberto Illiano and Massimiliano Locanto, Turnhout, Brepols, pp. 95-122; Massimo Mila, The Prismatic Intellectual: An Archivial Case Study, «Fontes Artis Musicae», vol. 64/3, July‑Sept. 2017, pp. 276‑298; La pianta uomo. Letture verdiane di Massimo Mila, in Verdi. L’invenzione del vero, Rome, Treccani, 2013;
  • on Music Pedagogy and Music Education: Formazione culturale ed educazione musicale nella prima infanzia (0-6 anni), in «RELAdEI», n.10/1, 2021, pp. 29-43; Apprendere la Musica insieme alla Matematica: Doremat© tra sperimentazione, ricerca e didattica, in «Musica Docta», n. 9, pp. 173-201; Dall'ascolto all'esecuzione. Orientamenti per la Pedagogia e la Didattica della musica, Milano, FrancoAngeli, 2018; Music Education and Competences for Democratic Education, in Music, Fine Arts and Theatre in the Art Education of Children and Young Adults, The Karol Lipinsky Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Wroclaw, 2016, pp. 9‑23; L’Educazione musicale per formare alla cittadinanza, in Do Re Mat. La musica della matematica. Imparare la Matematica con la Musica, di A. Bianchi - C. Cuomo - G. Curti - D. Lentini – N. Magnani – R. Vagni, Modena, Digital Docet, 2015; Listening to and performing music with competence, in The transposition of musical knowledge in intellectual education, «Musica Docta. Rivista digitale di Pedagogia e Didattica della musica», special issue “Transmission of musical knowledge: Constructing a European Citizenship,” 2014, pp. 17-29;
  • on Acoustic Ecology: Musica urbana. Il problema dell’inquinamento musicale, Bologna, CLUEB, 2004.

She has recently been invited to the following recent international conferences, with the following papers:


  • 2021, paper on The formation of the critic's competence, International Conference on Music Criticism (November 30th, December 1st-2nd), IULM University, Milan (paper on November 30th).
  • 2019, paper on Music Pedagogy in relations to Musicology and Educational Sciences: Three Areas of Intervention, International Conference Contemporary Themes in Education - CTE, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education, Zagabria, 15-17 november, session The Perspectives of Contemporary Music Education (paper on November 16th).
  • 2019, paper on Music Education and Democratic Education, First International Conference Education and Post-democracy, Scuola Democratica, Cagliari, 6-8 June, session Post-Democracy and the Field of Arts and Music Education (paper on June 7th).
  • 2018, paper on DoReMat©: un nuovo progetto formativo per insegnare la matematica attraverso la musica, with Denise Lentini, International Congress Music as Cultural Education: Building New Bridges between Pre-College Schools and Universities, organized by Dipartimento delle Arti with the collaboration of Centro La Soffitta and the Cultural Association "Il Saggiatore musicale", in the context of the Study Group "Transmission of Knowledge as a Primary Aim in Music Education" inn the IMS - International Musicological Society, Bologna, 22-23 giugno 2018 (paper on June 23rd);
  • 2017, paper on Massimo Mila tra critica musicale e musicologia negli “anni dell’impegno” (1965-1975), International Conference Music Criticism 1950-2000, organized by Institut d’Estudis Catalans and Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, Barcelona, 9-11 October (paper on October 11th);
  • 2016, paper on Music Education and Competences for Democratic Education, in the International Scientific Conference Music, Fine Arts and Theatre in Education of Children and Youth, organized by The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, Wroclaw, 4-5 November (paper on November 5th)
  • 2016, paper on Archive Research in Musicology: The Case of “Massimo Mila Collection”, in the IAML ‑ Congress, organized by International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML), with the collaboration of Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Rome 3-8 July, in the session Music research: Problems and methods (paper on July 7th);
  • 2015, paper on Le métier d’intellectuel: Massimo Mila et la critique musicale dans la période 1928-1950, Journéé d’études internationale La critique musicale en Italie au XXe siècle et son public. Formes d'écriture et politiques de la réception, Paris, 5 Juin; organisée par le CELLAM – EA 3206 Université Rennes 2 – L’aixe histoire de l’EA 1573 Scènes du monde, Création, Savoirs critiques Université Paris 8, avec le soutien de l’Institut Universitaire de France, de la Maison de l’Italie-Cité internationale universitaire, et du Laboratoire d’études Romanes – EA 4385 Université Paris 8.

She currently carry on research project on: Italian Music Criticism (Fedele d’Amico and Massimo Mila); training of the public in Italy from the 20th century to today (PRIN Project - Call 2017, The Education of Art Music Audiences in Italy from the Twentieth Century until today, with the Universities of Roma Tre (lead: scientific manager: L. Aversano), Turin, Catania, as well as Bologna; Music Pedagogy and Didactics, with attention to the teaching of musical listening (Project AlmaIdea 2017 The teaching of listening to music as an instrument of social inclusion (scientific manager Prof. G. La Face until 2018, N. Badolato from 2018) and the relationship between listening and musical performance, as well as the construct of 'competence' declined in the field of music teaching and learning, also within the scope of the Study Group of the IMS - International Musicological Society "Transmission of Knowledge as a Primary Aim in Music Education "(ch. G. La Face).

Institutional activities and academic positions

Formerly Professor of History of Music III (Nineteenth Century), she is currently Professor of Music Pedagogy in the DAMS degree course.

Member of the Board of the Department of Arts.

Member of the University commission for the evaluation of applications relating to the Erasmus Plus Mobility for Internship Call.

Referent of the Music Pedagogy Traineeships for degree course at DAMS.

Member of the Teaching Commission for degree course at DAMS.

Member of the Commission on Third Mission in the Department of Arts.

She was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Library of Departments of Arts, for the Music Section and of the Commission of SUA RD in the Departments of Arts.

She formerly taught in TFA - Internship Training Active, in order to qualify for Music teaching in Italian schools, during the academic year 2014-2015.

Membership in scientific committees and editorial boards

Member of the Scientific Committee of "La Soffitta”, the Performing Arts Promotion Center of the Arts Department. Visual Performing Media; in this role she is in charge of the Music Section, along with with Prof. P. Cecchi.

Member of the Scientific Committee of «Musica Docta. Rivista on line di Pedagogia e Didattica della Musica».

Member of the Scientific Commettee of the volume series “General and Disciplinary Didactics” at Franco Angeli publishing, Milan.

Member of the Scientific Commettee of the volume series “Ars musicalis. Musica, Musicologia e Didattica" at LIM publishing, Lucca.

Member of the Scientific Commettee of the volume series “Musical-mente" della at Armando publishing, Roma.

Prizes and Awards

2014 – She obtained a Stipendium from the Basel “Paul Sacher” Foundation for pursuing her research project on Massimo Mila.

Other activities

She is:

- member of the Steering Committee of the Study Group of IMS - International Musicological Society Transmission of Knowledge as a Primary Aim in Music Education (chair G. La Face), from 1 July 2020, as well as a member of the same Study Group since its establishment, in 2012;

- member of the Arts, School and Society research group, since 2019, coordinated by M. Caputo, within the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna;

- member of the research group for the AlmaIdea 2017 Project The teaching of music listening as a tool for social inclusion (scientific manager: prof. G. La Face until 31/10/2018; dr. N. Badolato from 1/11 / 2018 to 31/10/2020);

- member of the research group, unit of Bologna, for the PRIN Project - Call 2017, The Education of Art Music Audiences in Italy from the Twentieth Century until today, with the Universities of Roma Tre (lead partner: scientific director: L. Aversano), Turin, Catania (in addition to Bologna);

- member of the Steering Council of ADUIM-Association of Italian University Teachers of Music, from October 2020;

- member of the Steering Committee of the “SagGEM - Group for Music Education” within the Cultural Association “Il Saggiatore musicale”.