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Camilla Luni

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering


Keywords: Biological engineering Data analysis Biological big data Computational biology Transcriptomics Proteomics Matabolomics

Application of computational tools and chemical engineering principles for a molecular understanding of human cellular processes from biological big data (transcriptomics, proteomics, and phosphoproteomics).

Main current projects are investigating the following topics:

Self-regulation along human somatic cell reprogramming to pluripotency. In view of personalized medicine, human pluripotent stem cells, obtained by somatic cell reprogramming, play a major role. We are interested in understanding how extra-cellular endogenous regulation affects the reprogramming process and strongly enhances its efficiency.

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  • Gagliano O*, Luni C*, Qin W, Bertin E, Torchio E, Galvanin S, Urciuolo A, Elvassore N. 2019. "Microfluidic reprogramming to pluripotency of human somatic cells". Nature Protocols 14:722–737.
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  • Panariello F*, Gagliano O*, Luni C*, Grimaldi A*, Angiolillo S, Qin Wei, Manfredi A, Annunziata P, Slovin S, Vaccaro L, Riccardo S, Bouche V, Dionisi M, Salvi M, Martewicz S, Hu M, Cui M, Stuart H, Laterza C, Baruzzo G, Schiebinger G, Di Camillo B, Cacchiarelli D, Elvassore N. 2023 "Cellular population dynamics shape the route to human pluripotency". Nature Communications 14:2829-2843.

Molecular mechanisms of nuclear envelope deformation. Nuclear shape has fundamental functional implications, as in immune cell infiltration, cancer metastasis and stem cell differentiation. We are studying how the nuclear envelope deformation process is regulated at molecular level, especially by high-throughput experimental screening methods and data analysis.

  • Martewicz S, Luni C, Zhu X, Cui M, Hu M, Qu S, Buratto D, Yang G, Grespan E, Elvassore N. 2020. "Nuclear morphological remodeling in human granulocytes is linked to prenylation independently from cytoskeleton". Cells-Basel 9:2509.
  • Martewicz S, Zhu X, Qu S, Cui M, Grespan E, Luni C, Jiang B, Yang G, Elvassore N. 2022. "Micropillar based phenotypic screening platform uncovers involvement of HDAC2 in nuclear deformability". Biomaterials 286:121564.

Circadian regulation of human hepatic cells entrained by metabolic stimuli. The biological clock, which regulates physiological processes having 24-hour periodicity, is entrained by external stimuli, like light/dark, sleep/wake, and feeding/fasting cycles. We are specifically interested in the effect of metabolic stimuli on the human hepatic circadian clock.

  • Gagliano O, Luni C, Li Y, Angiolillo S, Qin W, Panariello F, Cacchiarelli D, Takahashi JS, Elvassore N. "Synchronization between peripheral circadian clock and feeding-fasting cycles in microfluidic device sustains oscillatory pattern of transcriptome". Nature Communications 12:6185.

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