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Beatrice Pulvirenti

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/10 Thermal Engineering and Industrial Energy Systems

Curriculum vitae

Associate professor at the University of Bologna since 2020, she carries out his research in the field of engineering applications of fluid dynamics and heat exchange.

The research interests are aimed in particular at multiphase fluid dynamics in microchannels, fluid dynamics in porous media and non-Newtonian fluid dynamics. She currently focuses his research on the topic of thermal management of lithium batteries using metal foam heat exchangers soaked in phase change materials.

Training Graduated in Physics cum laude at the University of Bologna, she obtained a PhD in Technical Physics at the University of Bologna in 1999. Academic career After a post-doc position at the University of Ferrara and a position of Visiting Professor at Brown University, RI, US, he became Researcher in the disciplinary sector ING / IND-10, at the University of Bologna, with reference to the Department of Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Control Engineering. Subsequently he obtains the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor. He is associate professor at the University of Bologna, with affiliation to the Department of Industrial Engineering. Teaching activity Since 2001 he has been continuously teaching as holder of various courses for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees for the School of Engineering. He is currently professor of Technical Physics for the Degree Course in Electrical Engineering of the University of Bologna and of Vehicle Energetics and HVAC Systems for the Course of Electric Vehicle Engineering (EVE) of the University of Bologna. He organizes and coordinates in-depth seminars on his own disciplines. In the period 2007-2012 he taught Applied Thermofluidodynamics for the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering course of the University of Bologna at the Forlì campus. Scientific activity He has participated in numerous national and international research programs including: PRIN 2005 Research Project, PRIN 2014 Research Project. Visiting professor at Brown University, RI, US in the A.Y. 2001-2002. Referee of international journals in the field of fluid dynamics and heat exchange. Institutional activities and academic positions Since November 2013 he is Coordinator. You were a member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Geophysics from 2015 to 2020. Since 2009 you have been delegated to internationalization for the Mechanical Engineering course.

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