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Aura Reggiani

Alma Mater Honorary Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Curriculum vitae

Aura Reggiani has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Department of Spatial Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

She is Alma Mater Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Bologna, Department of Economics. She has been Full Professor of Economic Policy (2001-2021), as well as Associate Professor of Economic Policy (1992-2001). She chaired the courses of 'Advanced Economic Policy and Methods', 'Methods of Economic Analysis', and 'Transport Economics' at the Department of Economics/Statistics of the University of Bologna (Italy).

Aura Reggiani has been Coordinator of the Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo projects, for and on behalf of the Faculty of Statistics, University of Bologna (2000-2007).

She is a specialist in spatial and transport economics and modelling, with particular reference to the study of network evolution and complexity, from both the theoretical and empirical viewpoint, and of the associated policies. In these fields she has led several National/European research projects, by developing new concepts of network dynamics and network resilience/vulnerability, and by applying them to the economic and transport/telecommunications areas. Aura Reggiani has a long list of international publications in her field of expertise (23 books,16 special issues, and about 170 articles). She has been Chairperson, speaker and discussant at numerous European and international conferences, and has lectured at several universities in Europe and the US.

Since 1991, she has been a Fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) of the Royal Dutch Academy, in connection with her works on network dynamics and evolutionary theories.

Over the years, Aura Reggiani has been member of the executive committees of various international scientific organizations, e.g. RSAI (Regional Science Association International): 1993-1998; NECTAR (Network for European Communications and Transport Activities Research): 2001-2007; and IGU (International Geographical Union): 1996-2005, as well as of national scientific organizations, e.g. AISRe (Italian Regional Science Association): 1986-1992; and Montedison Foundation 'Community and Innovation': 2000-2002.

She is presently on the editorial boards of internationally recognised journals in her field, e.g. Networks and Spatial Economics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, Journal of Transport and Land Use, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, and International Journal of Management and Network Economics.

She has been Italian Delegate for the EU-COST Program 'Interconnected Strategic Infrastructure Networks in Europe' (1993-1995).

She has been Associate Coordinator for the EU-STELLA project (Sustainable Transport in Europe and Links and Liaisons with America) ( ) (2002-2005).

Aura Reggiani has been President of NECTAR (Network for European Communications and Transport Activities Research: ) (2008-2013); she is also a Member of the Science Board of the European Trans-disciplinary Institute IPL (Institute Para Limes: ) (2006-).

Aura Reggiani was elected as a Fellow of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) (2010) and was a Member of the Conference Steering Committee SSH-Vilnius 2013 ( ).

In the framework of ERC (European Research Council), Aura Reggiani has been Chair of the Panel on 'Environment, Space and Population' in 2013 and 2015, and Member of this Panel in 2011.

Aura Reggiani has been Series Editor of the "NECTAR Series on Transportation and Communications Networks Research" (Edward Elgar, UK-USA) (2009-2019), and she is currently Editor of the journal "Networks and Spatial Economics" (Springer-Verlag) (since 2015).

Aura Reggiani has been nominated Member of the Academia Europaea (2016), Life Member at Clare Hall, Cambridge (UK) (2020), and Member of The Academy of Science of Bologna Institute (2020).

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