Foto del docente

Antonio Zanutta

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/06 Surveying and Mapping

Director of First Cycle Degree in Building Engineering

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna (Italy) in 1967, he has been graduated in Geological Science, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy in 1994.
Until 1996 he was Fellowship in the frame of GEOMODAP (GEOdynamic MODelling of an active region of the mediterranean: the APennines) project, ING (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica), Roma, Italy.
In 2000 he achived Ph.D. in Geodetic and Topographic Science, DISTART (Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Strutture,dei Trasporti, delle Acque, del Rilevamento, del Territorio), Engineering Faculty, University of Bologna, Italy. In 2001 he was Postdoctoral Fellowships.
Starting from 2001 until 2010 he was Researcher at the Engineering Faculty, University of Bologna, Italy, within the Ministerial Scientific Sector ICAR/06 – Topography and Cartography, Teacher of Photogrammetry courses for Degree course in Building Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
Associate Professor at Bologna University from 2011, at DICAM Department of Engineering Faculty (Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e dei Materiali), University of Bologna, Italy.
He has been winner of the National Scientific Qualification (ASN - "Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale") to function as Full Professor in Italian Universities (SSC Geomatics 08/A4, DD n° 222 20 July 2012, ministero.php/ public/ esitoAbilitati/settore /08%252FA4/fascia/1).
Professor of Photogrammetry, Topography, Numerical Cartography and GIS for Degree course in Building Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
From 2001 he is member of the "Associazione Universitari di Topografia e Cartografia" (AUTeC).
He is member of the CGI (Comitato Glaciologico Italiano).
He is member of the Research Unit of Geodesy of the National Program of Researches in Antarctica (PNRA) and he joined in eight Antarctic Scientific Expeditions (2002/03, 2003/04; 2004/05, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15).

From 2018 he is Director of First Cycle Degree of Building Engineering, University of Bologna.

His research were mainly devoted to GPS surveying activities and data processing for crustal deformation control. Moreover he is involved within analytical and digital photogrammetry applied to Cultural Heritage documentation, landslides monitoring and land deformation detection.