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Antonio Corradi

Full Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems

Short Bio

Antonio Corradi is full professor of computer engineering at the University of Bologna since 2000, in the area of Distributed Systems and Computer Networks. His research interests span from distributed and parallel systems to middleware for pervasive and heterogeneous computing, from cloud solutions and standards to mobile systems and social applications for smart cities, and from industry 4.0 support systems and protocol to smart city monitoring and crowdsourcing, from novel communication standards to system monitoring and management. In these areas, he has always taught and still teaches in basic and advanced courses in all areas related to computer infrastructures and support.

He was chair of DISI and now he is the president of the Emilia Romagna CLUST-ER for service innovation, and the president of FAM (Foundation Alma Mater) and he is very involved in internationalization and technology transfer. He is currently the Director of the Centre of High Studies of UNIBO in Buenos Aires.

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+39 051 20 9 3083

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