Foto del docente

Antonio Bonfitto

Assistant professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology


Keywords: Mollusca Taxonomy Zoological Museum Gastropoda Indo-Pacific Region Biogeography Mediterranean Sea malacology

Research and didactic fields:  Zoology, Marine biology, malacology, scientific museology

The research field relates primarily to the systematics and biogeography of molluscs. The aim is to contribute to the knowledge of the deep molluscs of the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and, more generally, of the Indo-Pacific area, in an attempt to improve of the  knowledge of these poorly known faunas to understand the biogeographic and phylogenetic relationships with current and fossil faunas in these areas. Current research can count of material collected, in part by the author, during several oceanographic cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Indo-Pacific. For a better understanding of the faunistic framework, I started new collaborations with the Museum of Natural History in Paris. The morphological analysis of the samples is predominantly by electron microscopy, but we have also started new lines of research in biomolecular analyses.