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Anna Maria Toni

Assistant professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/04 Business Law


Programma Workshop on Labour and Company Law: Italian and German Legal System in Comparison

Monday, 14.04.2023

9.00 Introduction to the seminar and presentation of the topics: substainability as a fil-rouge among different aspects of Business and Company Law

prof. Anna Maria Toni

Sala Feste

9.30 The rights of the buyer in the absence of sustainability of the purchased item.

Prof. Julia Gökel (SRH Heidelberg)

Sala Feste

12.10 ESG criteria: an introduction

Dott. Luca Orciani

15.00 The corporate governance in Public Companies between sustainability and shareholder value maximization.

Dott. Michele Corgatelli - Dott. Luca Orciani (Dip. Scienze Giuridiche - Unibo)

Sala Feste

Twesday, 16-04.2023

9.00 Influences of ESG criteria on corporate governance - an introduction to German corporate law

prof. Christoph Shärtl (SRH Heidelberg)

Sala Feste
11 .00 Simulation for students

Part 1: If you were members of the Board of Directors of a Company which promote substainable corporate governance: discussion and deliberation.

Part 2: If you were the shareholders: what to do in case the deliberation restricts your expectation to the maximization of the value of your investment?




Published on: May 11 2023