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Annamaria Celli

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: CHIM/07 Principles of Chemistry for Applied Technologies

Curriculum vitae

- Degree in Chemistry (1989) at the University of Bologna. THESIS: “Polyesters from bacteria: solid state properties”.

- Fellowship financed by Himont Spa for research c/o University of Bologna (Prof. M. Scandola) (June 1989 -May 1990). Description of activity: research on solid state properties of blends between polyolefins and biopolymers”.

- Researcher at the “Giulio Natta Research Center” of Himont/ Montell in Ferrara (ITALY) in charge of the thermal analysis laboratory (June 1990 - February 1996). Description of activity: research on thermal, morphological and structural characterization of polyolefins (homopolymers, copolymers and blends); organization of research work; teaching to students and technicians; lessons on polymer characterization at the Padova University; collaborations with Universities and industrial research centers.

- Visiting researcher at the University of Sao Carlos (Sao Paulo – BRAZIL) (Prof. Edgar D. Zanotto) (September - December 1993).

- PhD in Materials Engineering (1996-1999) at the University of Bologna. THESIS: “Hardness and fracture toughness in ceramics: new methods of quantitative analysis”. The research activity was carried out at the Ceramic Center of Bologna.

- Fellowship financed by General Electric (USA) (April 1999- February 2002). Description of activity: research on synthesis and characterization of new polymeric systems. 

Assistant Professor (from 2002) in the Department of Civil, Chemistry, Environmental and Materials Engineering of the Bologna University. Description of activity : research on the synthesis and characterization of new polymers, copolymers, blends, composites and nanocomposites; teaching of Chemistry in different courses at the 1st year of Engineering .

-  "Visiting researcher" at the Research Center of  General Electric in Schenectady, New York, USA (April -June 2003).

- Associate Professor (from October 2018) in the Department of Civil, Chemistry, Environmental and Materials Engineering of the Bologna University.

- Author of 115 publications in peer reviewed international journal; h index= 28; 4500 citations (Scopus).

- Scientific activity: Polymer Science: Synthesis and characterization of polymers, mainly bio-based polymers, from biomass and bio-waste, preparation of composites and nanocomposites. Study of correlations between chemical structure and properties. End-of-life of plastics

- Scientific supervisor of research agreements with national and international companies; responsible of the research unit of UNIBO in H2020 projects (NoAW, Agrimax, USABLE PACKAGING and Preserve). WP leader in the H2020 PROLIFIC project. Participant in TERMINUS, Agriloop and MAR2PROTECT projects. Responsible for UNIBO of the regional PSR RER 2014-2020 AgriCo.Pack project.


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