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Anna Chiara Fariselli

Full Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: L-OR/06 Phoenician and Punic Archaeology

Head of Department of Cultural Heritage

Head of ISA — Institute of Advanced Studies


Keywords: Funerary rituals and social archaeology. Production archaeology. Music and dance. Weapons and mercenaries. Phoenician and Punic cemeteries. Carthaginian policy and society. Gender Archaeology.

The search has conducted on different sides: the investigation on the Carthaginian institutions, with the study of the historical and archaeological data related to the administrative and economic management of the Punic Mediterranean; the study of the ethnic components of the Punic society, with respect for the problem of the foreigner people integration; the ritual uses and the religious mentality in the Punic context; the handcraft and the contexts of productions.The examination of these subjects is conducted through the study of the historical, archaeological, iconographical, numismatic and epigraphic sources. Specific interest is directed besides to the most general theme of the relationships between Carthage and the autochtonous ones of the colonial sectors. In this sense, the job is consisted of the study of some handicraft categories and on the evaluation of data of excavation from installations of Phoenician and Punic Sardinia. Particularly, moving from the investigations at Tharros, in the Southern necropolis, in the cardo maximus and on the Isthmus. Parallelly we have set out investigations related to the religious customs and to the ritual behaviors in use in the Phoenician and Punic society with specific respect to the theme of the practice of music and dance in the cult of the dead and in the sanctuaries.