Foto del docente

Andrea Roli

Assistant professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems


Keywords: Artificial intelligence Complex systems Bio-inspired robotics Swarm robotics Complex systems biology Genetic regulatory network models Hybrid Metaheuristics

Andrea Roli's research interests and activities are in artificial intelligence and complex systems, with main focus on the relation between complex systems and cognitive processes.

His current research activities are mainly devoted to bio-inspired robotics, emergent phenomena in complex systems and complex systems biology. Formerly, he was also working in the field of constrained optimisation problems and hybrid metaheuristics.

The first line of research concerns the use of genetic regulatory network models as control programs for robots (automatically designed by means of optimisation techniques). The aim of this research is to exploit the richness of cellular dynamics to achieve robust and adaptive artificial systems. As for emergent phenomena, Andrea Roli's research activities focus on information theory measures to analyse and design robotic systems, as well as for the identification of relevant dynamical structures in complex systems. He is also interested in cognitive processes and emergent and self-organisation phenomena in music, mainly in early music and continuo, and in artificial creativity. Finally, he works on genetic regulatory networks models, such as Kauffman networks and their variants.