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Rosato, Antonella; Barone, Monica; Negroni, Andrea; Brigidi, Patrizia; Fava, Fabio; Biagi, Elena; Candela, Marco; Zanaroli, Giulio, Bacterial colonization dynamics of different microplastic types in an anoxic salt marsh sediment and impact of adsorbed polychlorinated biphenyls on the plastisphere, «ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION», 2022, 705, Article number: 120411, pp. 1 - 11 [articolo]Open Access

Sarah Notarfrancesco; Elena Morselli; Gonzalo A.Martinez; Weronica Harasimiuk; Joana M.B.Domingos; Andrea Negroni; Fabio Fava; Lorenzo Bertin, Improved recovery of carboxylic acids using sequential cationic-anionic adsorption steps: A highly competitive ion-equilibrium model, «SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY», 2021, 261, Article number: 118253, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]

Firrincieli, Andrea; Negroni, Andrea; Zanaroli, Giulio; Cappelletti, Martina, Unraveling the Metabolic Potential of Asgardarchaeota in a Sediment from the Mediterranean Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Water Basin Mar Piccolo (Taranto, Italy), «MICROORGANISMS», 2021, 9, Article number: 859, pp. 1 - 15 [articolo]Open Access

Rosato A.; Barone M.; Negroni A.; Brigidi P.; Fava F.; Xu P.; Candela M.; Zanaroli G., Microbial colonization of different microplastic types and biotransformation of sorbed PCBs by a marine anaerobic bacterial community, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2020, 705, Article number: 135790, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]

Sisti, Laura*; Kalia, Susheel; Totaro, Grazia; Vannini, Micaela; Negroni, Andrea; Zanaroli, Giulio; Celli, Annamaria, Enzymatically treated curaua fibers in poly(butylene succinate)-based biocomposites, «JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING», 2018, 6, pp. 4452 - 4458 [articolo]

Nuzzo, Andrea; Negroni, Andrea; Zanaroli, Giulio; Fava, Fabio, Identification of two organohalide-respiring Dehalococcoidia associated to different dechlorination activities in PCB-impacted marine sediments, «MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES», 2017, 16, Article number: 127, pp. 1 - 13 [articolo]Open Access

Fondi, Marco; Maida, Isabel; Perrin, Elena; Orlandini, Valerio; La Torre, Laura; Bosi, Emanuele; Negroni, Andrea; Zanaroli, Giulio; Fava, Fabio; Decorosi, Francesca; Giovannetti, Luciana; Viti, Carlo; Vaneechoutte, Mario; Dijkshoorn, Lenie; Fani, Renato, Genomic and phenotypic characterization of the species Acinetobacter venetianus, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2016, 6, Article number: 21985, pp. 1 - 12 [articolo]

Giulio Zanaroli; Andrea Negroni; Max M Häggblom; Fabio Fava, Microbial dehalogenation of organohalides in marine and estuarine environments, «CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2015, 33, pp. 287 - 295 [articolo]

L.Sciubba; L.Cavani; A.Negroni; G.Zanaroli; F.Fava; C.Ciavatta; C.Marzadori, Changes in the functional properties of a sandy loam soil amended with biosolids at different application rates, «GEODERMA», 2014, 221-222, pp. 40 - 49 [articolo]

Massimo Marzorati;Andrea Negroni;Fabio Fava;Willy Verstraete;Nico Boon, Application of a molecular based approach for the early detection of short term 3-chloroaniline shock loads on activated sludge bacterial community and functionality, «NEW BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2013, 30, pp. 763 - 771 [articolo]

Karen De Roy;Massimo Marzorati;Andrea Negroni;Olivier Thas;Annalisa Balloi;Fabio Fava;Willy Verstraete;Daniele Daffonchio;Nico Boon, Environmental conditions and community evenness determine the outcome of biological invasion, «NATURE COMMUNICATIONS», 2013, 4, Article number: 1383, pp. 1 - 5 [articolo]

Matteo Gigli;Andrea Negroni;Giulio Zanaroli;Nadia Lotti;Fabio Fava;Andrea Munari, Environmentally friendly PBS-based copolyesters containing PEG-like subunit: Effect of block length on solid-state properties and enzymatic degradation, «REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS», 2013, 73, pp. 764 - 771 [articolo]

Matteo Gigli;Andrea Negroni;Michelina Soccio;Giulio Zanaroli;Nadia Lotti;Fabio Fava;Andrea Munari, Enzymatic hydrolysis studies on novel eco-friendly aliphatic thiocopolyesters, «POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY», 2013, 98, pp. 934 - 942 [articolo]

Susheel Kalia; Annamaria Celli; Micaela Vannini; Grazia Totaro; Giulio Zanaroli; Andrea Negroni; Elisabete Frollini, REINFORCING POTENTIAL OF ENZYMATIC TREATED CURAUA FIBERS, in: Biopol 2013, 2013, pp. 1 - 2 (atti di: 4th International Conference on Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers, Roma, 1-3 ottobre 2013) [Contributo in Atti di convegno]

G. Zanaroli; A. Balloi; A. Negroni; L. Borruso; D. Daffonchio; F. Fava, A Chloroflexi bacterium dechlorinates polychlorinated biphenyls in marine sediments under in situ-like biogeochemical conditions, «JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS», 2012, 209-210, pp. 449 - 457 [articolo]

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