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Andrea Lodi

Full Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: MAT/09 Operations Research


1. General Techniques for Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP). Nowadays MIP solvers are very sophisticated and able to solve instances arising in a large number of fundamental applications. Thus, it is very important to improve and extend the general-purpose techniques implemented in those solvers.

2. Algorithms for multi-dimensional packing and cutting problems. Multi-dimensional cutting and packing problems have great interest both from the theoretical and practical viewpoints. Several general-purpose techniques for MIP and for approximation have been initially designed for those problems and their effective solution is crucial for real-world applications for example in the field of logistics.

3. General Techniques for Mixed-Integer Non Linear Programming (MINLP). Several real-world applications in engineering require sophisticated non-linear mathematical models able to capture the essence of the processes involved. Thus, MINLP is a fundamental tool for engineers and general-purpose techniques for practically solve MINLPs are required.

4. Optimization algorithms for the electricity market. Production and distribution of electricity have encountered various changes in the recent years due to the deregulation policies implemented in Europe. New models and algorithms are required.

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