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Andrea Gaucci

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/06 Etruscology and Italic Antiquities

Short Bio

Senior Assistant Professor since 2018 and Senior Lecturer since 2021, the main research activities concern the population of the Po Valley and the Adriatic area in pre­Roman times, conducted through the study of settlements and necropolises with particular regard to the Etruscan towns of Marzabotto, Spina and Adria.

Specific fields of study are: Etruscan and Italic epigraphies; the material culture supported by an archaeometric approach with the collaboration of the laboratories of the BiGeA of the University of Bologna, housing in Italy during pre-Roman times; dwellings in pre-Roman Italy, with particular regard to the Etruscan and the Picenian territories; applications of the Virtual Archaeology discipline.

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Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà
Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna - Go to map

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Monday, 9-10, office at San Giovanni in Monte 4, Bologna.  

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