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Andi Duqi

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/11 Financial Markets and Institutions


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Publications prior to 2004

·  Duqi, A., Jaafar, A. and Torluccio, G. (2013), “Mispricing and risk of R&D investment in European firms”, European Journal of Finance, forthcoming

·  Duqi, A. and Torluccio, G. (2012), “The impact of R&D on the value of European firms”, International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, Vol. 9, Nr. 3, pp. 1-26.

·   Franci, L., Duqi, A. and Torluccio, G. (2012), “Forecasting the dynamics of financial markets. Empirical evidence in the long term”, Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Vol. 9, Nr. 3, pp. 93-103.

·     Appolloni, M., Corigliano, R., Duqi, A. and Torluccio, G. (2011), “The market value of innovation”, European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, Vol.36, pp. 147-170.

·    Duqi, A., Mirti, R. and Torluccio, G. (2011), “An analysis of the R&D effect on stock returns for European listed firms”, European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.58 No. 4, pp. 482-496.

·    Duqi, A. and Torluccio, G. (2011), Can R&D expenditures affect firm market value? An empirical analysis of a panel of European listed firms, in: Bank performance, risk and firm financing, London, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 214-251.  

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