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Alessia Mariotti

Associate Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-GGR/02 Economic and Political Geography

President of the Rimini Campus Board


Keywords: Sustainable Tourism Responsible Tourism Local development Cultural Tourism World Heritage Sites Cultural Products and Projects Cultural routes Tourism and sport geography Public participation Tourism planning

Her main research topics are the analysis of tourism territorial development dynamics, connected to the supply system integration, through cultural routes and itineraries in the Mediterranean area and in developing countries. The research aims to define a set of significant indicators for the evaluation of sustainable tourism projects in the cultural field, underlining the role of culture in limiting the seasonality effects.

The main research fields of the last four years have been culture and cultural projects for local development, with a deep focus on promotion and cultural tourism related strategies. The role of World Heritage Sites and their management plans for the development of the local economy has been also studied, using a typical economic geography approach. Current research is voted to the definition of significant indicators for the monitoring phase of cultural tourism projects and the evaluation of their sustainability.



The field research will focus on the definition of monitoring tools concerning the management strategies of WHS and of cultural routes, considered as resources for local development. The analysis will take into consideration best practices and pathologies in divverent local systems (weak and strong ones) comparing the implementation of different policies and/or partnership in order to acheive better results in terms of economic and social benefits.

After having analized the most common methodologies used in WHS management and in cultural routes development in Italy, the research will be extended also in other Mediterranean Countries. These sites and destinations attract consistent tourism flows and are therefore the favourite choice for pilot projects related to tourism management.


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