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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali



Giulia Barbieri, Veronica Rossi, Stefano Claudio Vaiani, Alessandro Amorosi, Benjamin Peter Horton, Benthic foraminifera and ostracoda as palaeoecological proxies from modern to fossil river-influenced shelves: the case of the North Adriatic area, in: Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 21, 2019, pp. 12484 - 12484 (atti di: EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 7-12 Aprile 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Barbieri Giulia, Amorosi Alessandro, Rossi Veronica, Vaiani Stefano Claudio, Integrating benthic foraminifers and ostracods as tracers of deltaic dynamics: the case of the Po Delta, in: Abstract Booklet - 2° Convegno per Giovani Ricercatori in Paleontologia IVPday, 2019, pp. 7 - 9 (atti di: 2° Convegno per Giovani Ricercatori in Paleontologia IVPday, Firenze, 28-29 novembre 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Giacomelli, Serena; Rossi, Veronica; Amorosi, Alessandro; Bruno, Luigi; Campo, Bruno; Ciampalini, Andrea; Civa, Andrea; Hong, Wan; Sgavetti, Maria; de Souza Filho, Carlos Roberto, A mid-late Holocene tidally-influenced drainage system revealed by integrated remote sensing, sedimentological and stratigraphic data, «GEOMORPHOLOGY», 2018, 318, pp. 421 - 436 [articolo]

Bini, Monica; Pappalardo, Marta; Rossi, Veronica; Noti, Valerio; Amorosi, Alessandro; Sarti, Giovanni, Deciphering the effects of human activity on urban areas through morphostratigraphic analysis: The case of Pisa, Northwest Italy, «GEOARCHAEOLOGY», 2018, 33, pp. 43 - 51 [articolo]

Bruno, L.*; Piccin, A.; Sammartino, I.; Amorosi, A., Decoupled geomorphic and sedimentary response of Po River and its Alpine tributaries during the last glacial/post-glacial episode, «GEOMORPHOLOGY», 2018, 317, pp. 184 - 198 [articolo]

Nawrot, Rafal; Scarponi, Daniele; Azzarone, Michele; Amorosi, Alessandro; Wittmer, Jacalyn M.; Dexter, Troy A.; Kusnerik, Kristopher M.; Portell, Roger W.; Kowalewski, Michal, INFERRING EXTINCTION DYNAMICS FROM STRATIGRAPHIC DATA: LESSONS FROM THE HOLOCENE FOSSIL RECORD, «GSA ABSTRACTS WITH PROGRAMS», 2018, 50, pp. 934 - 934 [abstract]

Greggio, Nicolas; Giambastiani, Beatrice M. S.; Campo, Bruno; Dinelli, Enrico; Amorosi, Alessandro, Sediment composition, provenance, and Holocene paleoenvironmental evolution of the Southern Po River coastal plain (Italy), «GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL», 2018, 53, pp. 914 - 928 [articolo]

Amorosi, Alessandro*; Sammartino, Irene, Shifts in sediment provenance across a hierarchy of bounding surfaces: A sequence-stratigraphic perspective from bulk-sediment geochemistry, «SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY», 2018, 375, pp. 145 - 156 [articolo]

Nawrot, Rafał*; Scarponi, Daniele; Azzarone, Michele; Dexter, Troy A.; Kusnerik, Kristopher M.; Wittmer, Jacalyn M.; Amorosi, Alessandro; Kowalewski, Michał, Stratigraphic signatures of mass extinctions: Ecological and sedimentary determinants, «PROCEEDINGS - ROYAL SOCIETY. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES», 2018, 285, pp. 20181191 - 20181199 [articolo]

Giulia Barbieri, Alessandro Amorosi, Stefano Claudio Vaiani, Benthic foraminifera as a key to delta evolution: A case study from the late Holocene succession of the Po River Delta, «MICROPALEONTOLOGY», 2017, 63, pp. 27 - 41 [articolo]

Bruno, Luigi; Bohacs, Kevin M.; Campo, Bruno; Drexler, Tina M.; Rossi, Veronica; Sammartino, Irene; Scarponi, Daniele; Hong, Wan; Amorosi, Alessandro, Early Holocene transgressive palaeogeography in the Po coastal plain (northern Italy), «SEDIMENTOLOGY», 2017, 64, pp. 1792 - 1816 [articolo]

Amorosi, Alessandro; Bruno, Luigi; Campo, Bruno; Morelli, Agnese; Rossi, Veronica; Scarponi, Daniele; Hong, Wan; Bohacs, Kevin M.; Drexler, Tina M., Global sea-level control on local parasequence architecture from the Holocene record of the Po Plain, Italy, «MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY», 2017, xxx, pp. 1 - 13 [articolo]

Bruno, Luigi; Amorosi, Alessandro; Severi, Paolo; Costagli, Bianca, Late Quaternary aggradation rates and stratigraphic architecture of the southern Po Plain, Italy, «BASIN RESEARCH», 2017, 29, pp. 234 - 248 [articolo]

Rossi, Veronica; Amorosi, Alessandro; Sarti, Giovanni; Mariotti, Sara, Late Quaternary multiple incised valley systems: An unusually well-preserved stratigraphic record of two interglacial valley-fill successions from the Arno Plain (northern Tuscany, Italy), «SEDIMENTOLOGY», 2017, 64, pp. 1901 - 1928 [articolo]

Amorosi, Alessandro; Bruno, Luigi; Cleveland, David M.; Morelli, Agnese; Hong, Wan, Paleosols and associated channel-belt sand bodies from a continuously subsiding late quaternary system (Po basin, Italy): New insights into continental sequence stratigraphy, «GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN», 2017, 129, pp. 449 - 463 [articolo]

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