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Alessandro Amorosi

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali



Marco Cacciari, Veronica Rossi, Marco Marchesini, Alessandro Amorosi, Luigi Bruno, Bruno Campo, David Kaniewski, A stratigraphic-palynological approach to link Holocene vegetation dynamics, depositional patterns and palaeoclimate variability: insights from the Po delta plain (Northern Italy), in: Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2019, 21, pp. 6 - 6 (atti di: European Geosciences Union, Wien, 09/04/2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Giulia Barbieri, Veronica Rossi, Stefano Claudio Vaiani, Alessandro Amorosi, Benjamin Peter Horton, Benthic foraminifera and ostracoda as palaeoecological proxies from modern to fossil river-influenced shelves: the case of the North Adriatic area, in: Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 21, 2019, pp. 12484 - 12484 (atti di: EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 7-12 Aprile 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Nawrot R., Scarponi D., Azzarone M., Kusnerik K., Dexter T., Wittmer J., Amorosi A., Kowalewski M.,, Environmental and taphonomic controls of diversity patterns across a depositional sequence: Holocene benthic mollusks of the Po Plain, Italy, «PALEOBIOS», 2019, 36, pp. 262 - 262 [abstract]

M. Marchi, I. Bertolini, G. Gottardi, A. Amorosi, L. Bruno, From geological and historical data to the geotechnical model of the Two Towers in Bologna (Italy), in: Proceedings of the XVII ECSMGE-2019 Geotechnical Engineering foundation of the future, The Icelandic Geotechnical Society, IGS, 2019, pp. 1 - 8 (atti di: Proceedings of the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering, foundation of the future, Reykjavík, Iceland, 1 – 6 September 2019) [Contributo in Atti di convegno]

Barbieri Giulia, Amorosi Alessandro, Rossi Veronica, Vaiani Stefano Claudio, Integrating benthic foraminifers and ostracods as tracers of deltaic dynamics: the case of the Po Delta, in: Abstract Booklet - 2° Convegno per Giovani Ricercatori in Paleontologia IVPday, 2019, pp. 7 - 9 (atti di: 2° Convegno per Giovani Ricercatori in Paleontologia IVPday, Firenze, 28-29 novembre 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Cacciari M.; Amorosi A.; Marchesini M.; Kaniewski D.; Bruno L.; Campo B.; Rossi V., Linking Holocene vegetation dynamics, palaeoclimate variability and depositional patterns in coastal successions: Insights from the Po Delta plain of northern Italy, «PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY», 2019, 538, pp. 109468 - 109483 [articolo]

Nawrot R., Scarponi D., Azzarone M., Clark J.G., Dexter T.A., Wittmer J.M., Amorosi A., Kowalewski M., Molluscan community responses to the Holocene evolution of the Po Delta, northern Italy, «GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS», 2019, 21, pp. 17115 - 17115 [abstract]

He L.; Xue C.; Ye S.; Amorosi A.; Yuan H.; Yang S.; Laws E.A., New evidence on the spatial-temporal distribution of superlobes in the Yellow River Delta Complex, «QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS», 2019, 214, pp. 117 - 138 [articolo]

Cacciari M.; Amorosi A.; Campo B.; Marchesini M.; Rossi V., Palynology of the late quaternary succession of the arno plain (Northern Italy): New insights on palaeoenvironmental trends and climate dynamics, «BOLLETTINO DELLA SOCIETÀ PALEONTOLOGICA ITALIANA», 2019, 58, pp. 201 - 221 [articolo]

Bruno L.; Campo B.; Di Martino A.; Hong W.; Amorosi A., Peat layer accumulation and post-burial deformation during the mid-late Holocene in the Po coastal plain (Northern Italy), «BASIN RESEARCH», 2019, 31, pp. 621 - 639 [articolo]

Amorosi A.; Barbieri G.; Bruno L.; Campo B.; Drexler T.M.; Hong W.; Rossi V.; Sammartino I.; Scarponi D.; Vaiani S.C.; Bohacs K.M., Three-fold nature of coastal progradation during the Holocene eustatic highstand, Po Plain, Italy – close correspondence of stratal character with distribution patterns, «SEDIMENTOLOGY», 2019, 66, pp. 3029 - 3052 [articolo]

Giacomelli, Serena; Rossi, Veronica; Amorosi, Alessandro; Bruno, Luigi; Campo, Bruno; Ciampalini, Andrea; Civa, Andrea; Hong, Wan; Sgavetti, Maria; de Souza Filho, Carlos Roberto, A mid-late Holocene tidally-influenced drainage system revealed by integrated remote sensing, sedimentological and stratigraphic data, «GEOMORPHOLOGY», 2018, 318, pp. 421 - 436 [articolo]

Bini, Monica; Pappalardo, Marta; Rossi, Veronica; Noti, Valerio; Amorosi, Alessandro; Sarti, Giovanni, Deciphering the effects of human activity on urban areas through morphostratigraphic analysis: The case of Pisa, Northwest Italy, «GEOARCHAEOLOGY», 2018, 33, pp. 43 - 51 [articolo]

Bruno, L.*; Piccin, A.; Sammartino, I.; Amorosi, A., Decoupled geomorphic and sedimentary response of Po River and its Alpine tributaries during the last glacial/post-glacial episode, «GEOMORPHOLOGY», 2018, 317, pp. 184 - 198 [articolo]

Nawrot, Rafal; Scarponi, Daniele; Azzarone, Michele; Amorosi, Alessandro; Wittmer, Jacalyn M.; Dexter, Troy A.; Kusnerik, Kristopher M.; Portell, Roger W.; Kowalewski, Michal, INFERRING EXTINCTION DYNAMICS FROM STRATIGRAPHIC DATA: LESSONS FROM THE HOLOCENE FOSSIL RECORD, «GSA ABSTRACTS WITH PROGRAMS», 2018, 50, pp. 934 - 934 [abstract]

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