Foto del docente

Alessandra Bisi

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/08 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Curriculum vitae



1988 Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, University of Bologna

1992 PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Bologna

Professional Experience:

1988-1989 Grant from Tecnofarmaci, Società per lo sviluppo della ricerca farmaceutica, (Italy)

1991 Research Fellow University College London (Prof. C.R. Ganellin)

1992-1993 Grant from Inverni-Della Beffa SpA (Italy)

1994- 2001 Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bologna

2002-present Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bologna

Research Interests:

The research activity is focused on the design and synthesis of bioactive small molecules, mainly bearing oxa- and aza-heterocyclic scaffolds, some of them related to natural products. In particular, the backbones of xanthones, flavones, chalcones and coumarins, identified as privileged structures, when appropriately decorated led to the discovery of valuable drug candidates for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases (with particular focus on Alzheimer’s disease) and neglected tropical diseases. In the last years, the multitarget approach has been applied to the drug design efforts, resulting in the identification of a number of bioactive small molecules able to simultaneously affect different pathways involved in multifactorial pathologies.

This research resulted in 90 publications in peer reviewed international journals, mainly in the medicinal chemistry field, more than 60 congress communications and a book chapter.

Professional Society Memberships:

Società Chimica Italiana, SCI - Medicinal Chemistry Division

Service Activities:

2005-2011 Member of the Scientific Board of the Research Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bologna.

2007-present Member of the Training Committee, Faculty of Pharmacy. University of Bologna – Campus of Rimini

Teaching Activities (1997-Present):

1997/98 Analysis of Medicines I

1998/99 Analysis of Medicines II

1999/2000-2000/01 Special Methodologies in Pharmaceutical Analysis

2001/02 Analysis of Medicines I, faculty of Pharmacy-Campus of Rimini

2004/05-2006/07 Molecular Basis of Drugs Activity, faculty of Pharmacy-Campus of Rimini

2004/05- Medicinal and Toxicological Chemistry II, faculty of Pharmacy-Campus of Rimini

1999-2005 Medicinal and Toxicological Chemistry, School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy

2006-present Tutor of 3 PhD students in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Refereeing and Reviewing Activities:

Referee for J. Med. Chem., Bioorg. Med. Chem., Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., ChemMedChem, Eur. J. Med. Chem., Biochem. Pharm. ecc.

National and International Collaborations:

Prof. Rolf W. Hartmann Saarland University – Saarbrücken (D); Dr. Vincenzo di Marzo Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, CNR, Pozzuoli (Napoli);  Prof. Andrea Tarozzi Dipartimento QuVi– Università di Bologna, Prof. Vincenza Andrisano Dipartimento QuVi - Università di Bologna; Prof. Andrea Cavalli, FaBiT- Università di Bologna; Dr. Ana Martinez Biological Research Center (CIB) of Spanish National Council for Research (CSIC)-Madrid (E).