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Aldo Gangemi

Full Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics


4 semantic technology seminars on May 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th

Four important seminars are scheduled in this week and the next, held by leading scholars in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Hybrid Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. The seminars will be held in Aula Affreschi, Via Zamboni 34, Piano Terra, at 2:30 PM, and are supported by the DHDK ...

Published on: May 06 2019

Roberto Pieraccini's (Google) lecture at Centro Umberto Eco, Thursday March 7th

Thursday March 7th at 3pm, at Sala Rossa, via Marsala 26, Roberto Pieraccini (research director, Google) gives the lecture: “Talking to Machines: from MUSA to Google Assistant”. Organised by Centro Umberto Eco and STLab CNR.

Published on: March 06 2019

Verbalizzazione Informatica di Base

La verbalizzazione del voto di Informatica di Base sarà effettuata in queste date: Mercoledì 30 Maggio, 11-15, Giovedì 31 Maggio, 11-13, presso lo Studio 13, Via Zamboni 32, primo piano. In alternativa, potete scrivermi una email di conferma e io procedo direttamente. Gli studenti interessati alla ...

Published on: May 28 2018

A new Facebook page for students of Semantic Technologies at Alma Mater and beyond.

This is a new page for students from my Alma Mater courses and beyond, about semantic technologies.

Published on: April 24 2018

Text Classification and Applications - Seminar by prof. Diego Reforgiato Recupero

Diego Reforgiato Recupero, associate professor at University of Cagliari, will give a seminar on "Text Classification and Applications". Space-Time: Wednesday 21st, 9-10:30am, Via Zamboni 34, piano terra, Laboratorio Grande Abstract: Text classification is a core problem in many different domains ...

Published on: February 14 2018

Seminar on musical linked open data

Seminar on musical linked open data by Albert Meroño (Free University of Amsterdam) on Tuesday 13th February, 10:30 Aula Affreschi Via Zamboni 32, see [1] for details. [1] 2cycle/ DigitalHumanitiesDigitalKnowle dge/Events/2018/01/one-score- to-rule-them-all-semantics-in- music-notation.aspx ...

Published on: February 12 2018