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Alberto Landuzzi

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: GEO/02 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Curriculum vitae


Alberto Landuzzi graduated with praise in Geology at the University of Bologna, 29 March 1985, presenting a thesis on stratigraphy and tectonic-sedimentary evolution of the Vena del Gesso of Romagna. He achieved the professional qualification of Geologist in Rome, April 1985. He achieved the PhD title in Rome, 26 September 1989, presenting a thesis on stratigraphy, tectonic-sedimentary evolution and post-sedimentary tectonics of the Marnoso-arenacea Formation of Romagna. He attended specialization courses in underground exploration and slope stability analysis in Benevento (Ordine Nazionale dei Geologi). As a visiting scientist, he also attended courses and practiced structural geology at the University of Paris-Orsay (Prof. Mercier) and at the University of Bristol (Prof. Hancock).

Alberto Landuzzi was appointed university researcher 21 March 1991, and became associate professor 1 November 2001. Since 1991, he belongs to the Dipartimento d'Ingegneria delle Strutture, dei Trasporti, delle Acque, del Rilevamento e del Territorio (DISTART, now part of the larger Dipartimento d'Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali (DICAM) of the University of Bologna.


The scientific activity by Alberto Landuzzi mainly focuses at the relationships between tectonics and sedimentation, but the outcomes of his intense field work also concern geomorphology and applied geology. Alberto Landuzzi is author or co-author of 67 scientific publications on books and reviews, of both national and international relevance. He also participated to national and international congresses, contributing to their development with 36 presentations. The scientific activity by Alberto Landuzzi was carried out in the frame of the following research programs: - the GEOSIS project (IGM, ING), finalized to the development of a geodetic network for the measurement of active tectonic movements in the Forlì Apennines; - the realisation of a geological map of the Romagna Apennines, in scale 1/100000 (ENEL-DCO); - the CROP 03 project (CNR), finalized to the deep crust structure investigation of the Northern Apennines; - the feasibility study of the ERS (Erg Rivara Storage) project, finalized to the construction of an underground storage facility for natural gas in the lowlands N of Modena; - other geologic survey programs with RFO and PRIN financings.

The main research interests of Alberto Landuzzi concern detail survey and regional scale elaboration of many geologic data sets regarding the Outer Northern Apennines. The most important aim of these studies is to contribute to the reconstruction of the tectonic-sedimentary evolution of the Northern Apennines from Miocene to the present day. In 2013, Alberto Landuzzi investigated for similar purposes the imbricate nappe system of Lagonegro (PZ), in the Southern Apennines. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, Alberto Landuzzi contributed to meetings with a synthesis on the deformation chronology of the Romagna Apennines between Santa Sofia and San Piero in Bagno, with special emphasis on extensional faults of high seismic potential. The research activity in engineering geology and geomorphology, carried out by Alberto Landuzzi also for teaching purposes, encompasses the following subjects: geologic surveys related to mining activities and environmental restoration; analysis of geologic data related to trench and tunnel digging; geologic, geomorphologic and geotechnical surveying on large landslides, deep gravitational movements and ground collapse phenomena, with the help of subsurface and monitoring data provided by public institutions and private enterprises. From March 2014 to date, Alberto Landuzzi has been participating to a multi-disciplinary project about the latest large landslide which involved the rock cliff of San Leo (RN), and seriously endangered the village above. The landslide investigation goes from the emergency stage to the long term intervention stage (monitoring and consolidation). The contribution by Alberto Landuzzi mainly concerns the elaboration of a three-dimensional geological model of the whole rock cliff. From August 2017 to January 2018, Alberto Landuzzi drafted a 1/2000 scale geological map of the San Leo cliff and 10 high-resolution line-drawings of the stratigraphic and tectonic features that crop out in the surrounding rock walls; in 2019, these elaborates have been published in a monograph about San Leo, edited by the Ordine Regionale dei Geologi dell’Emilia-Romagna. From 2020, Alberto Landuzzi participates in the LIFE "Sandboils" project on the safety of river banks.


Alberto Landuzzi started his university career as assistant or substitute lecturer of Geologia and Geologia Applicata for the degree courses in Ingegneria Civile and Ingegneria dell'Ambiente e del Territorio. At present, Alberto Landuzzi is holder lecturer of Geologia for the first cycle degree course in Ingegneria Civile and Geologia e Geologia Applicata for the first cycle degree course in Ingegneria dell'Ambiente e del Territorio. From 1986 to date, Alberto Landuzzi has assisted 39 degree theses in Geology (University of Bologna and Ferrara), 4 PhD theses in Earth Sciences (University of Bologna and Modena), and 12 degree theses in Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Bologna). On behalf of the DICAM of the University of Bologna, Alberto Landuzzi leads four geologic field trips each year (two in the Southern Alps and two in the Northern Apennines). In the field of international partnership, Alberto Landuzzi is Academic Advisor for 7 Erasmus plus exchange programs with Spain and England.

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