Foto del docente

Andrea Zucchelli

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/14 Mechanical Design and Machine Construction


The studies, and ongoing activities involving both basic research and applied. Specifically the research themes treated can be classified as follows:

1. Theoretical and experimental study of mechanical behavior of composite materials and coatings with special deepening and development of the following topics:

1.a. theoretical and experimental study of mechanical behavior of polymer composites and hybrids;

1.b. Study of mechanical and tribological behavior of ceramic coatings glassy-functionality for progressive metal substrates;

2. Design and development of criteria for the design of mechanical components with particular regard to:

2.a. Study of unconventional solutions for the realization of robotic joints;

2.b. Development of an unconventional method for estimating the reliability of mechanical components.