Foto del docente

Andrea Zucchelli

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/14 Mechanical Design and Machine Construction

Director of First Cycle Degree in Polymeric Composite


The studies, and ongoing activities involving both basic research and applied. Specifically the research themes treated can be classified as follows:

1. Theoretical and experimental study of mechanical behavior of composite materials and coatings with special deepening and development of the following topics:

1.a. theoretical and experimental study of mechanical behavior of polymer composites and hybrids;

1.b. Study of mechanical and tribological behavior of ceramic coatings glassy-functionality for progressive metal substrates;

2. Design and development of criteria for the design of mechanical components with particular regard to:

2.a. Study of unconventional solutions for the realization of robotic joints;

2.b. Development of an unconventional method for estimating the reliability of mechanical components.