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Alessandro Dal Pozzo

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/25 Chemical Plants


Magrini, Chiara; Dal Pozzo, Alessandro; Bonoli, Alessandra, Assessing the externalities of a waste management system via life cycle costing: The case study of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), «WASTE MANAGEMENT», 2022, 138, pp. 285 - 297 [Scientific article]

Dal Pozzo A.; Muratori G.; Antonioni G.; Cozzani V., Economic and environmental benefits by improved process control strategies in HCl removal from waste-to-energy flue gas, «WASTE MANAGEMENT», 2021, 125, pp. 303 - 315 [Scientific article]

Dal Pozzo A.; Martello G.; Cozzani V., Sustainability assessment of furnace versus in-duct sorbent injection to retrofit waste-To-energy dry flue gas treatment lines, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS», 2021, 86, pp. 523 - 528 [Scientific article]Open Access

Sara Bottausci, Chiara Magrini, Anna Degli Esposti, Alessandro Dal Pozzo, Alessandra Bonoli, SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT OF WATER CONSUMPTION: A COMPARISON BETWEEN PLASTIC BOTTLES AND WATER DISPENSER AT THE UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, in: Conference Abstracts Book, 2021, pp. 173 - 174 (atti di: 11 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management - ICEEM11, MUTTENZ, SWITZERLAND, 8 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2021) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Dal Pozzo A.; Cozzani V., Wastewater management of wet scrubbers in waste-to-energy facilities: A life cycle analysis, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS», 2021, 86, pp. 619 - 624 [Scientific article]Open Access

Muratori G.; Dal Pozzo A.; Antonioni G.; Cozzani V., Application of multivariate statistical methods to the modelling of a flue gas treatment stage in a waste-to-energy plant, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS», 2020, 82, pp. 397 - 402 [Scientific article]

Rekhtina M.; Dal Pozzo A.; Stoian D.; Armutlulu A.; Donat F.; Blanco M.V.; Wang Z.-J.; Willinger M.-G.; Fedorov A.; Abdala P.M.; Muller C.R., Effect of molten sodium nitrate on the decomposition pathways of hydrated magnesium hydroxycarbonate to magnesium oxide probed by in situ total scattering, «NANOSCALE», 2020, 12, pp. 16462 - 16473 [Scientific article]

Dal Pozzo A.; Lazazzara L.; Antonioni G.; Cozzani V., Techno-economic performance of HCl and SO2 removal in waste-to-energy plants by furnace direct sorbent injection, «JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS», 2020, 394, Article number: 122518 , pp. 122518 - 122530 [Scientific article]

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A. Dal Pozzo, G. Antonioni, V. Cozzani, A methodology for the optimization of multi-stage abatement of acid pollutants in waste-to-energy plants, in: Proceedings of the 42nd Meeting of the Italian Section of The Combustion Institute, Napoli, Associazione Sezione Italiana del Combustion Institute, 2019, pp. III3 - III3 (atti di: 42nd Meeting of the Italian Section of The Combustion Institute, Ravenna, Italia, 9-11 settembre 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Alessandro Dal Pozzo, Giacomo Antonioni, Valerio Cozzani, Acid gas removal in waste-to-energy plants via high temperature reaction with calcined dolomite, in: ECCE12 - Book of Abstract, 2019, pp. 20 - 21 (atti di: ECCE12 - 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, Firenze, Italia, 15-19 settembre 2019) [Abstract]

Dal Pozzo A.; Armutlulu A.; Rekhtina M.; Abdala P.M.; Muller C.R., CO2 Uptake and Cyclic Stability of MgO-Based CO2 Sorbents Promoted with Alkali Metal Nitrates and Their Eutectic Mixtures, «ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS», 2019, 2, pp. 1295 - 1307 [Scientific article]Open Access

Dal Pozzo A.; Moricone R.; Tugnoli A.; Cozzani V., Experimental Investigation of the Reactivity of Sodium Bicarbonate toward Hydrogen Chloride and Sulfur Dioxide at Low Temperatures, «INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH», 2019, 58, pp. 6316 - 6324 [Scientific article]

Dal Pozzo A.; Carabba L.; Bignozzi M.C.; Tugnoli A., Life cycle assessment of a geopolymer mixture for fireproofing applications, «THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT», 2019, 24, pp. 1743 - 1757 [Scientific article]

Alessandro Dal Pozzo, Margarita Rekhtina, Andaç Armutlulu, Paula M. Abdala, Christoph R. Müller, Valerio Cozzani, Molten salt promoters for the enhancement of CO2 capture by MgO-based sorbents: factors determining carbonation kinetics and sorbent deactivation, in: Convegno GRICU 2019, 2019, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: Convegno GRICU 2019, Palermo, Italia, 30 giugno - 3 luglio 2019) [Abstract]

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