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Vincenzo Scrutinio

Research fellow

Department of Economics


2019 - Happy Birthday? Manipulation and Selection in Unemployment Insurance", with Luca Citino and
Kilian Russ, WorkINPS Papers n. 22
2019 - The Medium Term Effects of Unemployment Benefits", WorkINPS Papers n. 18
2018 - Teacher Turnover: Does it Matter for Pupil Achievement?", with Stephen Gibbons and Shqiponja
Telhaj, CEP Working Paper n. 1530, London School of Economics
2016 - Colocation and Knowledge Di usion: Evidence from Million Dollar Plants", with Christian Fons-
Rosen and Katalin Szemeredi, CEP Working Paper n. CEPDP1447, London School of Economics

2018 - The Effects of the duration of Unemployment Benefits on the timing and quality of employment",
INPS, contribution to XVII RAPPORTO ANNUALE, Part III ,pg 154-161
2011 - The EU's neighboring economies: coping with new challenges", contributes to Thematic issues,
European Commission, Occasional Paper n. 86, Brussels, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs

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