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Stefano Salvioli

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Dipartimento di Medicina Specialistica, Diagnostica e Sperimentale

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/04 PATOLOGIA GENERALE


Tavella, Teresa; Rampelli, Simone; Guidarelli, Giulia; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Gasperini, Chiara; Pujos-Guillot, Estelle; Comte, Blandine; Barone, Monica; Biagi, Elena; Candela, Marco; Nicoletti, Claudio; Kadi, Fawzi; Battista, Giuseppe; Salvioli, Stefano; O'Toole, Paul W; Franceschi, Claudio; Brigidi, Patrizia; Turroni, Silvia; Santoro, Aurelia, Elevated gut microbiome abundance of Christensenellaceae, Porphyromonadaceae and Rikenellaceae is associated with reduced visceral adipose tissue and healthier metabolic profile in Italian elderly, «GUT MICROBES», 2021, 13, pp. 1 - 19 [articolo]Open Access

Martucci M, Conte M, Ostan R, Chiariello A, Miele F, Franceschi C, Salvioli S, Santoro A, Provini F., Both objective and paradoxical insomnia elicit a stress response involving mitokine production., «AGING», 2020, 12, pp. 10497 - 10505 [articolo]Open Access

Conte M, Sabbatinelli J, Chiariello A, Martucci M, Santoro A, Monti D, Arcaro M, Galimberti D, Scarpini E, Bonfigli AR, Giuliani A, Olivieri F, Franceschi C, Salvioli S, Disease-specific plasma levels of mitokines FGF21, GDF15, and Humanin in type II diabetes and Alzheimer's disease in comparison with healthy aging, «GEROSCIENCE», 2020, "_", pp. 1 - 17 [articolo]

Maria Conte, Morena Martucci, Giovanni Mosconi, Antonio Chiariello, Maria Cappuccilli, Valentina Totti, Aurelia Santoro, Claudio Franceschi, Stefano Salvioli, GDF15 Plasma Level Is Inversely Associated With Level of Physical Activity and Correlates With Markers of Inflammation and Muscle Weakness, «FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY», 2020, 11, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]Open Access

Santoro A, Martucci M, Conte M, Capri M, Franceschi C, Salvioli S., Inflammaging, hormesis and the rationale for anti-aging strategies., «AGEING RESEARCH REVIEWS», 2020, 64, pp. 1 - 9 [articolo]

Conte M, Martucci M, Chiariello A, Franceschi C, Salvioli S., Mitochondria, immunosenescence and inflammaging: a role for mitokines?, «SEMINARS IN IMMUNOPATHOLOGY», 2020, 42, pp. 607 - 617 [articolo]

Franceschi C.; Garagnani P.; Olivieri F.; Salvioli S.; Giuliani C., The Contextualized Genetics of Human Longevity: JACC Focus Seminar, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY», 2020, 75, pp. 968 - 979 [articolo]

Conte M, Conte G, Martucci M, Monti D, Casarosa L, Serra A, Mele M, Franceschi C, Salvioli S, The smell of longevity: a combination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can discriminate centenarians and their offspring from age-matched subjects and young controls., «GEROSCIENCE», 2020, 42, pp. 201 - 216 [articolo]

Martucci M, Conte M, Bucci L, Giampieri E, Fabbri C, Palmas MG, Izzi M, Salvioli S, Zambrini AV, Orsi C, Brigidi P, Santoro A, Capri M, Monti D, Franceschi C., Twelve-Week Daily Consumption of ad hoc Fortified Milk with ω-3, D, and Group B Vitamins Has a Positive Impact on Inflammaging Parameters: A Randomized Cross-Over Trial., «NUTRIENTS», 2020, 12, pp. 1 - 19 [articolo]

Giampieri E, Ostan R, Guidarelli G, Salvioli S, Berendsen AAM, Brzozowska A, Pietruszka B, Jennings A, Meunier N, Caumon E, Fairweather-Tait S, Sicinska E, Feskens EJM, de Groot LCPGM, Franceschi C, Santoro A, A Novel Approach to Improve the Estimation of a Diet Adherence Considering Seasonality and Short Term Variability – The NU-AGE Mediterranean Diet Experience, «FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY», 2019, 10, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]Open Access

Franceschi C, Garagnani P, Gensous N, Bacalini MG, Conte M, Salvioli S, Accelerated bio-cognitive aging in Down syndrome: State of the art and possible deceleration strategies, «AGING CELL», 2019, 18, pp. 1 - 11 [articolo]Open Access

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Call for articles on neglected topics»

Gensous N, Franceschi C, Salvioli S, Garagnani P, Bacalini MG., Down Syndrome, Ageing and Epigenetics, in: Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part II Clinical Science, Singapore, Springer Nature, 2019, pp. 161 - 193 [capitolo di libro]

Storci G.; De Carolis S.; Papi A.; Bacalini M.G.; Gensous N.; Marasco E.; Tesei A.; Fabbri F.; Arienti C.; Zanoni M.; Sarnelli A.; Santi S.; Olivieri F.; Mensa E.; Latini S.; Ferracin M.; Salvioli S.; Garagnani P.; Franceschi C.; Bonafe M., Genomic stability, anti-inflammatory phenotype, and up-regulation of the RNAseH2 in cells from centenarians, «CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION», 2019, 26, pp. 1845 - 1858 [articolo]Open Access

Conte M, Ostan R, Fabbri C, Santoro A, Guidarelli G, Vitale G, Mari D, Sevini F, Capri M, Sandri M, Monti D, Franceschi C, Salvioli S, Human aging and longevity are characterized by high levels of mitokines, «JOURNALS OF GERONTOLOGY SERIES A-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND MEDICAL SCIENCES», 2019, 74, pp. 600 - 607 [articolo]Open Access

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