Foto del docente

Stefano Nava

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/10 Respiratory Diseases


Curriculum vitae




- Date of birth:          7 november 1956

- Place of birth:        Crema ( CR )

- Cityzenship:               italian

- Spoken languages:       English  ( very good ), French  ( good ),

                                      Spanish  ( fair ).






-          Degree in Medicine, Pavia University, 1982

-          Specialty in Pulmonary Disease, Pavia University, 1987

-          Specialty in Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesiology, Pavia University, 1993

 -  Post-graduate research fellow in Pulmonary Medicine

    Royal Victoria Hopital and  Meakins-Christie Labs, McGill University

    Montreal, Canada (september 1985- september  1988 )

-   Visiting professor University of Leuven, Belgium (march-april 2003)

-          Full time physician Fondazione S.Maugeri, Montescano (1988-1993)

-          Head Pulmonary Rehabilitation program Fondazione S.Maugeri, Montescano (1993-april 200)

-          Head Respiratory Intensive Care Unit Fondazione S.Maugeri, Pavia (april 200 – october 2001)

-          Chief of the Respiratory Unit (including the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit october 2001- October 2010)

-          - Visiting professor New England Medical Center, Tufts University, Boston, USA (June 2006- December 2006)

-          Chief of the Respiratory and Critical Care Unit (November 2010- December 2012)

-          Full time professor of Respiratory Disease, Bologna University and Chief of the Respiratory and Critical Care Unit (November 2010-up-to-date)



                                                    SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES



-          Assistant Professor Pulmonary Disease, Pavia University (1991 to date)

-          Assistant Professor Pulmonary Disease, Ferrara University (1996-2001)

-          Assistant Professor, Intensive Care Medicine, Pavia University (1999 to date)

-          Assistant Professor Pulmonary Disease, Catania University (2006 to 2012)

-           Full Time Professor of Respiratory Diseases (December 2012 up to date)



  Referee of the following journals:


American Journal Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

The Lancet

European Respiratory Journal 

American Journal of Medicine

Canadian Medical Journal


Anesthesia & Analgesia


Intensive Care Medicine Monaldi Archives of Chest Disesese

Journal of Palliative Medicine

Respiratory Care


Respiratory Medicine

Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care

Journal of Critical Care

American Journal of Transplantation



-          Editorial Board:  Intensive Care Medicine,  Breathe, Italian Journal of Occupation Disease, Respiratory Care, Annals of Respiratory Medicine, Pulmonology

-          Advisory Board= Thorax (former)  Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease and Rivista AIPO (Italian Societ of Pulmonologists).

-          Secretary of the group  “Non-invasive ventilatory support”  European Respiratory Society (1998-2000)

-          Chairman of the group  “Non-invasive ventilatory support”  European Respiratory Society (2000-2003)

-          Secretary of the Intensive Care Assembly of the ERS and member of the European respiratory School, 2003-2006

-          Head of the Intensive Care Assembly of the ERS (2007)

-          Member of the ERS Executive Committee (2007)

-          Member since 2000 of the Program Committeee of the American Thoracic Society Critical Care Assembly

-          Chairman of Scientific Program ATS for CC  (-2009)

-          Member of the Long Planning Committee of the American Thoracic Society (2009-2011)

-          Chairman of the Post-Graduate Courses program at the ERS

-          Member of the Faculty of 1000 Medicine





Invited speaker  or chairperson  of 327  meetings, 196 of those internationals

In particular:

13      American Thoracic Society

29    European Respiratory Society

4      American College of Chest Physician

6   European Society of Critical Care Medicine

3      British Thoracic Society

3     American Respiratory Care










-          Mechanical ventilation (including non-invasive)

-          COPD exacerbation

-          Weaning from mechanical ventilation

-    Organisation and economical analysis of Respiratory Intensive Care Unit

-      Respiratory muscle   (EMG, electrical stimulation of the diaphragm, mechanics) 

-          Pharmacology of the “acute” patient

-          Pulmonary Rehabilitation

-          Ethics





-          Travel and Geography

-          History

-          Music (rock of the 70' and Operas)

-          Reading (English and North American writers)

-          Movies (European movies and some “minor North Americans” i.e. Sundance Festival)

-          Sky (1975-1982 I have raced for the Pavia University team)

-          Football ( called soccer in the US !)



H index according to Scopus 68. 

N.32 of the clinical sciences chapter in the TOP 100 Scientists



ü        n.  253 International journals with peer-review system (  

                  181  as first Author or as  “senjor”)


ü       n.  31     national journals


ü       n.  181    abstracts international journals


ü       n. 43     abstracts national journals


ü       n.  16    book chapters in English


ü       n. 13  book chapters in Italian


ü       n. 2      whole books in Italian


    n. 3 books in English (editor)