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Simone Battaglia

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)


Academic discipline: M-PSI/02 Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology

Short Bio

My research interests focus on neural, physiological, and behavioral correlates of fear memories in humans. In particular, I’m interested in the neural systems that allow to reduce or even erase fear from memories. However, the role of the prefrontal cortex is still unclear in humans. Therefore, my goal is a better understanding of the functional role of the prefrontal cortex in both the acquisition and reconsolidation of fear memories. To this end, my research in the neuroscience field includes the use of non-invasive brain stimulation (i.e., TMS and tDCS), and the recording of different physiological measures such as EEG, SCR, HRV, and EMG. My findings allowed developments in understanding the neurobiological basis of human fear conditioning both in healthy and brain-damaged individuals. In particular, such evidence might provide key insights and a deeper understanding of critical issues concerning the acquisition, the extinction and, the reconsolidation of fear memories in humans.

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Dipartimento di Psicologia "Renzo Canestrari"
Piazza Aldo Moro 90, Cesena - Go to map

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The meeting held at the CsrNC by appointment agreed via email,

Centre for studies and research in Cognitive Neuroscience (CsrNC)
Via Rasi e Spinelli, 176
47522 Cesena (FC)

or on Teams by appointment.

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