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Silvia Turroni

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/11 Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentation


Rampelli S;Candela M;Turroni S;Biagi E;Collino S;Franceschi C;O'Toole PW;Brigidi P, Functional metagenomic profiling of intestinal microbiome in extreme ageing., «AGING», 2013, 5, pp. 902 - 912 [Scientific article]

Danielle Taneyo Saa; Simone Maccaferri; Diana Isabella Serrazanetti; Silvia Turroni; Patrizia Brigidi; Andrea Gianotti, Impact of Kamut® Khorasan on gut microbiota and metabolome in healthy volunteers., in: Foodomics, the science for discovering, 2013, pp. 111 - 112 (atti di: Foodomics, the science for discovering, CESENA - ITALIA, 22/05/2014) [Abstract]

Taneyo Saa DL; Maccaferri S; Serrazanetti D; Turroni S; Brigidi P; Gianotti A, Influence of whole cereal type (whole wheat vs Kamut® Khorasan) on gut microbiota and metabolome in healthy volunteers, in: FoodOmics 3rd Edition, 2013(atti di: International Conference on FoodOmics 3rd Edition, Cesena, May 22-24, 2013) [Poster]

Angeloni C; Turroni S; Bianchi L; Fabbri D; Motori E; Malaguti M; Leoncini E; Maraldi T; Bini L; Brigidi P; Hrelia S., Novel targets of sulforaphane in primary cardiomyocytes identified by proteomic analysis, «PLOS ONE», 2013, 8, Article number: e83283 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]Open Access

L. Valentini; A. Pinto; I. Bourdel-Marchasson; R. Ostan; P. Brigidi; S. Turroni; S. Hrelia; P. Hrelia; F. Buccolini; C. Franceschi; H. Lochs, Open label, randomized multicentre study of the impact of diet on "inflammageing", oxidative stress and gut microbiota in elderly people: potential benefits of dietary advice alone or in conjunction with VSL#3 bacterial blend, «UNITED EUROPEAN GASTROENTEROLOGY JOURNAL», 2013, 1, pp. A134 - A134 [Abstract]

Cruciani F;Wasinger V;Turroni S;Calanni F;Donders G;Brigidi P;Vitali B, Proteome profiles of vaginal fluids from women affected by bacterial vaginosis and healthy controls: outcomes of rifaximin treatment., «JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY», 2013, 68, pp. 2648 - 2659 [Scientific article]

Manuela Centanni;Silvia Turroni;Clarissa Consolandi;Simone Rampelli;Clelia Peano;Marco Severgnini;Elena Biagi;Giada Caredda;Gianluca De Bellis;Patrizia Brigidi;Marco Candela, The Enterocyte-Associated Intestinal Microbiota of Breast-Fed Infants and Adults Responds Differently to a TNF-α-Mediated Pro-Inflammatory Stimulus, «PLOS ONE», 2013, 8, Article number: e81762 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cruciani F; Wasinger V; Turroni S; Donders G; Brigidi P; Vitali B, Vaginal microbiome and proteome of BV-affected women compared to healthy controls, in: MICROBIOLOGY 2013, SIMGBM, 2013(atti di: 30th Meeting of the Società Italiana di Microbiologia Generale e Biotecnologie Microbiche (SIMGBM), Ischia, Italy, September 18-21, 2013) [Poster]

Centanni M.; Turroni S.; Rampelli S.; Biagi E.; Maccaferri S.; Brigidi P.; Candela M., Development of a pilot non-invasive ex vivo approach to study the impact of inflammation on the intestinal mucosa-associated microbial communities, in: Gut Microbiota: friend or foe?, CLERMONT-FERRAND, Organizing committee of Symposium INRA-Rowett 2012, 2012, pp. 81 - 81 (atti di: 8th Joint INRA-Rowett Symposium on Gut Microbiology, Clermont-Ferrand (France), June 17-20, 2012) [Abstract]

Vitali B.; Cruciani F.; Baldassarre M.E.; Capursi T.; Spisni E.; Valerii M.C.; Candela M.; Turroni S.; Brigidi P., Dietary supplementation with probiotics during late pregnancy: outcome on vaginal microbiota and cytokine secretion, «BMC MICROBIOLOGY», 2012, 12, Article number: 236 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Bazzocchi G; Turroni S; Brigidi P, Effect of a symbiotic preparation on stool consistency, intestinal transit time and gut microbiota in patients with severe functional constipation: a double blind controlled trial, in: Neurogastroenterology & Motility, «NEUROGASTROENTEROLOGY AND MOTILITY», 2012, 24, pp. 191 - 202 (atti di: Joint International Neurogastroenterology and Motility Meeting, Bologna, September, 6-8, 2012) [Abstract]

Maccaferri S.; Candela M.; Turroni S.; Centanni M.; Severgnini M.; Consolandi C.; Cavina P.; Brigidi P., IBS-associated phylogenetic unbalances of the intestinal microbiota are not reverted by probiotic supplementation, «GUT MICROBES», 2012, 3, pp. 406 - 413 [Scientific article]

Candela M.; Biagi E.; Maccaferri S.; Turroni S.; Brigidi P., Intestinal microbiota is a plastic factor responding to environmental changes., «TRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGY», 2012, 20, pp. 385 - 391 [Scientific article]

Centanni M.; Bergmann S.; Turroni S.; Hammerschmidt S.; Chhatwal G.; Brigidi P.; Candela M., TNF-alpha modulates the dynamics of the plasminogen-mediated early interaction between Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis and human enterocytes., «APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY», 2012, 78, pp. 2465 - 2469 [Scientific article]

Candela M; Rampelli S; Turroni S; Severgnini M; Consolandi C; De Bellis G; Masetti R; Ricci G; Pession A; Brigidi P., Unbalance of intestinal microbiota in atopic children, «BMC MICROBIOLOGY», 2012, 12, Article number: 95 , pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]Open Access

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