Foto del docente

Silvia Turroni

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/11 Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentation


Vitali B. ; Pugliese C. ; Biagi E. ; Candela M. ; Turroni S. ; Bellen G. ; Donders G.G. ; Brigidi P., Dynamics of vaginal bacterial communities in women developing bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, or no infection, analyzed by PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and real-time PCR, «APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY», 2007, 73, pp. 5731 - 5741 [Scientific article]

Vitali B. ; Turroni S. ; Dal Piaz F. ; Candela M. ; Wasinger V. ; Brigidi P., Genetic and proteomic characterization of rifaximin resistance in Bifidobacterium infantis BI07, «RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY», 2007, 158, pp. 355 - 362 [Scientific article]

Turroni S. ; Vitali B. ; Bendazzoli C. ; Candela M. ; Gotti R. ; Federici F. ; Pirovano F. ; Brigidi P., Oxalate consumption by lactobacilli: evaluation of oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase and formyl-CoA tranferase activity In Lactobacillus acidophilus, «JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY», 2007, 103, pp. 1600 - 1609 [Scientific article]

R. Gotti; S. Turroni; P. Brigidi; S. Olmo; V. Cavrini, Evaluation of oxalyl-coenzyme A decarboxylase activity in lactobacillus acidophilus by capillary electrophoresis, in: Drug analysis 2006 - Abstract book -, NAMUR, s.n, 2006(atti di: Drug analysis 2006, Namur, Belgium, 16 - 19 May, 2006) [Abstract]

M. Candela; C. Pugliese; S. Turroni; M. Vici; B. Vitali; P. Brigidi, Exploitation of plasminogen-plasmin system in Bifidobacterium for the human host colonization, a common strategy between symbionts and pathogens, in: ATTI, ORVIETO (TR), SIMGBM, 2006, pp. 114 - 114 (atti di: 25° Congresso Nazionale della SIMGBM, Orvieto (TR), 8-10 giugno 2006) [Abstract]

S. Turroni; S. Dipalo; C. Pugliese; M. Candela; B. Vitali; P. Brigidi, Oxalate-degrading activity in Lactobacillus, in: ATTI, ORVIETO (TR), SIMGBM, 2006, pp. 123 - 123 (atti di: 25° Congresso Nazionale della SIMGBM, Orvieto (TR), 8-10 giugno 2006) [Abstract]

C. Pugliese; B. Vitali; M. Candela; S. Turroni; G. Donders; P. Brigidi, PCR-DGGE characterization of vaginal microbial communities in healthy women and in patients with bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis, in: ATTI, ORVIETO (TR), SIMGBM, 2006, pp. 87 - 87 (atti di: 25° Congresso Nazionale della SIMGBM, Orvieto (TR), 8-10 giugno 2006) [Abstract]

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